AI, animal victims of war and wind turbines: science news – Sciences et Avenir

The scientific news of June 22, 2022 is: In high-tech: Does Google’s AI have a conscience? Even specialists fall into the trap… Google engineer Blake Lemoine claims that the LaMDA AI would be “sentient”, a word that covers the notion of “ability to perceive and feel things” or “able to use his senses.“ … Read more

Is an AI conscious? “We are caught in our own trap” – Sciences et Avenir

It’s a scenario that has become classic in science fiction films: an artificial intelligence becomes conscious. That the protagonist falls in love with it as in Her or that the AI ​​pushes humans towards death as in 2001, a space odyssey, this theme has been fantasizing for a long time. The latest debate to date, … Read more

Quatre pionniers de l’intelligence artificielle récompensés en Espagne – Sciences et Avenir

Quatre pionniers de lintelligence artificielle recompenses en Espagne Sciences

Quatre scientifiques considérés comme des pionniers de l’intelligence artificielle, dont un Français et un Canadien, ont été récompensés mercredi par le prix espagnol Princesse des Asturies, l’un des plus prestigieux du monde hispanophone, pour leur apport “extraordinaire” dans de nombreux domaines. Le Français Yann Le Cun, le Canadien Yoshua Bengio et les Britanniques Geoffrey Hinton … Read more

The basics of artificial intelligence – Sciences et Avenir

This article is from the Special Issue of Sciences et Avenir n°199 dated October-November 2019. The basics of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence: the term designates a certain type of computer program which makes it possible to simulate human capacities such as the perception and recognition of shapes, images, sounds, automatic translation, man/machine dialogue, etc. They … Read more

In Israel, artificial intelligence to put an end to traffic jams – Sciences et Avenir

In Israel artificial intelligence to put an end to traffic

Monster traffic jams are the daily life of Israelis, whose country is noted as one of the worst in this area, but artificial intelligence and its algorithms could help counter the phenomenon, according to an Israeli high-tech company . This sector is increasingly interested in the automotive industry and a fair on smart mobility called … Read more

An algorithm to better anticipate tsunamis – Sciences et Avenir

Tsunamis would be better anticipated if we were able to assess in real time the power of the earthquakes that cause them: an artificial intelligence algorithm, described in a study on Wednesday, could meet this challenge and help limit the damage. On March 11, 2011, one of the world’s strongest earthquakes ever recorded shook the … Read more

INTERVIEW. “Health databases will transform research” – Sciences et Avenir

This article is taken from the monthly Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche n°901, dated March 2022. An ambitious French project intended for medical research, the Health Data Hub is on hold. His request for authorization from the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) has been withdrawn. It should make it possible to make … Read more

INTERVIEW. “The obstacles to AI are more human than technical” – Sciences et Avenir

INTERVIEW The obstacles to AI are more human than technical

After posting Health and artificial intelligence with Cédric Villani in 2018, Bernard Nordlinger and him edited a new book, devoted more precisely to the applications of AI in the medical field. In Medicine and Artificial Intelligence, published on March 24, 2022 by CNRS, more than sixty experts presented the main challenges that the use of … Read more

Staffing management: PickYourSkills raises 8 million euros from MAIF Avenir and Kerala

Staffing management PickYourSkills raises 8 million euros from MAIF Avenir

By Philippe Guerrier | the Wednesday, April 20, 2022 | talent management The PickYourSkills start-up relies on MAIF Avenir and Kerala to accelerate its development with priorities given to recruitment and the pursuit of R&D. Update with CEO Arnaud Caldichoury. The PickYourSkills founding team: Etienne Caldichoury, Arnaud Caldichoury, Arnaud Cammas – © DR ” PickYourSkills … Read more

Training offered by Data ScienceTech Institute – Sciences et Avenir

Training offered by Data ScienceTech Institute Sciences et Avenir

Why take training at Data Sciencetech Institute? The rise of Big Data has resurrected many professions such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Data Engineer. In any industry, companies rely on these experts to collect, analyze and act on the data they have at their disposal. Currently, the demands of companies are becoming more demanding. … Read more