Eurosatory 2022: PHOBOS, a new card to play in robotics for SERA Ingénierie – FOB – Forces Operations Blog

Eurosatory 2022 PHOBOS a new card to play in robotics

After a first foray into military robotics thanks to the ROBBOX mule, SERA Ingénierie is trying its luck again with the PHOBOS robot. Unveiled last week at Eurosatory, it was able to face the field during the CoHoMa challenge organized at the end of May by the Battle Lab Terre. SERA Engineering is ” mostly … Read more

Against widespread surveillance, La Quadrature du Net launches a collective complaint – Bondy Blog

Against widespread surveillance La Quadrature du Net launches a collective

Bondy Blog: You claim that the surveillance of public space is total, could you start by making an inventory of the systems currently in place? Arthur Messaud, lawyer for La Quadrature du Net: To achieve this general surveillance, several systems combine. First of all, there are video surveillance cameras: there are almost a million of … Read more

BLOG – The place of women experts in the media, progress in sham

WOMEN – They are geneticists, epidemiologists, economists or geopoliticians and yet you will rarely see them on television sets. Because for many journalists, the “good clients” are still experts… men, of course. Read our call for more women in media: A noticeable improvement In 2017, the President of the Republic made equality between women and … Read more

Liquid mirror telescope on top of the Himalayas. Read what it means and how it works – Democrat Blog

For the first time in India, a liquid mirror telescope installation atop a mountain in the Himalayan range will monitor the aerial sky to identify transient or variable objects such as supernovae, gravitational lenses, space debris and asteroids . It is a first in India and the biggest in Asia, the Indian Ministry of Science … Read more

BLOG – Extending working life and working time, an extraordinary challenge for HR

1649541823 BLOG Extending working life and working time an

skynesher via Getty ImagesFrance is one of the worst performers in the EU regarding the employment of its older workers, with an employment rate of 55.2% for 55-64 year olds, when Germany and the Scandinavian countries peak at 70. % according to Eurostat 2020 data. WORK – We are going to be confronted tomorrow with … Read more