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Brand totem and embodiment of the brand Professional Marketing

To share Tweet To share To share E-mail Marketing, communication and all the sub-specialties of these two disciplines, mentioned by Philippe Deliège in his book*, work to ensure that a brand is recognized on a market by an audience and generates support, even desire, which engages the purchase. Because, ultimately, a company, beyond its social … Read more

Ooredoo Algeria announces the new positioning of its brand

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Following the announcement made by the Ooredoo Group, the international telecommunications company operating in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, Ooredoo Algeria unveils its new visual identity and announces the launch of the new slogan of the company: “UPGRADE YOUR WORLD” (Upgrade your world). In an industry that is experiencing rapid momentum and … Read more

L’Oréal acquires the American brand Skinbetter Science

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(AOF) – L’Oréal has signed an agreement to acquire Skinbetter Science, “American skincare brand at the forefront of dermatological research”. It achieved sales of more than $95 million over the rolling twelve months to July 31, 2022. “The brand’s growth is one of the strongest among prescribed skincare brands in the United States”, specifies the … Read more

Equans launches the Equans Digital brand

——————– ADVERTISING ——————– Multi-technical services specialist Equans is accelerating and launching a new brand, Equans Digital, to help its customers develop their performance through their digital transition. Equans Digital brings together all the expertise of entities specializing in ICT and digital, i.e. 6,000 employees engaged in a network around the world in the implementation of … Read more

In the United States, a brand creates clothes only validated by its customers

(ETX Daily Up) – An American ready-to-wear brand is using artificial intelligence to define tomorrow’s trends, and fight waste and overproduction. Thanks to new technologies, Finesse creates outfits modeled in 3D to submit them to the votes of its customers, and only produce those that are (really) unanimous. A kind of on-demand manufacturing, or almost, … Read more

Retail: 8 ways to keep your brand promise thanks to digital transformation

Retail 8 ways to keep your brand promise thanks to

Discover these eight recommendations for retailers to help them accelerate their digital transformation while maintaining business growth and profitability. Retailers need to adapt to changing market conditions and accelerate their digital transformation to deliver on their brand promise. While few companies in the sector claim to get concrete results from their digital strategies, here are … Read more

Even more Petal Search experience with the brand new nova 9 SE

Even more Petal Search experience with the brand new nova

SHENZHENChina, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aimed at young consumers, the new HUAWEI nova 9 SE features a 108MP high-resolution photography system, creative vlogging, stunning design and cutting-edge elements. It’s the newest member of the Nova 9 family. All you have to do is fill it with your favorite apps. Being the native search engine … Read more

Favikon: boost your brand with influencer marketing!

1649751209 Favikon boost your brand with influencer marketing

Communicating on social networks today represents a real challenge for brands. Not only does it take creativity to reach demanding, busy audiences saturated with intrusive ads; but also to share its message at the right time, in the right place and in the right way. To do this, many turn to intermediaries: influencers. Why ? … Read more