Recurrence of breast cancer: avoid it, how long after?

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

60,000 women are affected by breast cancer each year in France. 15 to 20% of these cancers will recur 10 years after the first diagnosis. Can relapse be prevented? How ? Which breast cancers recur the most? Summary Breast cancer affects almost 60,000 women each year in France. Like all cancers, it can recur. “The … Read more

Owkin wants to improve the management of breast and colorectal cancers through image analysis

Owkin wants to improve the management of breast and colorectal

The Owkin nugget announced on September 2 that it had received European CE-IVD certification (in vitro diagnostics) for two new solutions dedicated to the management of early breast and colorectal cancer. Already being tested in several French hospitals, they are based on an in-depth analysis of digital pathology images. The latter are obtained through the … Read more

Artificial intelligence would facilitate the detection of breast cancers | Engineering Techniques

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Breast cancer is most frequently observed in women in France, as in the European Union. As with other cancers, early detection is decisive for the patient’s survival. AI-assisted radiologists spot it more successfully than when working alone, according to new research. With 33% of female cancers, breast cancer is the most common in women. It … Read more

Aurélie Jean, the doctor of science who is revolutionizing the detection of breast cancer – Les Inrocks

For the fourth year, the Île-de-France Region is honoring Ile-de-France women who are moving the lines. On March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the EllesdeFrance Trophies celebrated four inhabitants for their actions in the fields of innovation, creation, solidarity, as well as courage and transcendence. Attributed by Internet users, a fifth … Read more

Breast cancer: Therapixel raises €15M

The software publisher based in Nice, which has developed a solution for reading mammograms by artificial intelligence, announces a series B funding round which will notably enable it to accelerate its commercial presence in the United States. New fundraising for Therapixel which, three years after raising €5M in Series A, announces a round of €15M … Read more