DALL-E: the brilliant AI image generator is open to everyone

DALL E the brilliant AI image generator is open to everyone

WALL-E is now accessible to the general public! Anyone can now ask OpenAI’s artificial intelligence to produce images, whether realistic, artistic, poetic, funny or disturbing. More than one million people had signed up for the queue to use DALL-E, an image-generating artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Open AIthis famous American company which wants to put … Read more

Meeting with Taha Merghoub, brilliant Algerian researcher in the USA

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

From Ghardaïa to renowned laboratories in the United States, via the University of Bab Ezzouar in Algiers, Professor Taha Merghoub has traced a path strewn with accomplishments in the field of medical research. The Professor of Research in Immunology has a brilliant track record, the result of many efforts. He has just been appointed Deputy … Read more

Text-to-Pokémon: this brilliant AI lets you create your Pokémon

Text to Pokemon this brilliant AI lets you create your Pokemon

Text-to-Pokémon is an AI for creating Pokémon from text. It is possible to enter the name of a character, a celebrity or even a physical description to let the artificial intelligence generate pocket monsters in the style of the famous Nintendo franchise. Find out everything you need to know about this awesome tool, and how … Read more