Robots Adopt Racist, Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

Robots Adopt Racist Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

According to the first law of robotics proposed by writer Isaac Asimov, a robot cannot injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to injure itself. But in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), experts say there are ways around the wording, making robots racist and/or sexist. The premise comes from a study authored … Read more

New design is stackable and reconfigurable, to swap and build on existing neural network sensors and processors – Artificial Intelligence & Robotics News

Imagine a more sustainable future, where cell phones, smartwatches and other wearables don’t have to be shelved or tossed out for a newer model. Instead, they could be upgraded with the latest sensors and processors that would snap onto a device’s internal chip, like LEGO bricks incorporated into an existing build. These reconfigurable chips could … Read more

Artificial intelligence at the service of artists to build the future of visual creation

Using advanced algorithms, artists like Sofia Crespo or Robbie Barrat revisit their artistic creations using artificial intelligence. A revolution ? “It’s like a ballet between man and machine“, says Jason Bailey, collector and one of the most famous bloggers in crypto-art. For the most part, these digital artists work with supercomputers and programs known as … Read more

Microsoft Build 2022: lots of AI…and Metaverse on the menu | Silicon

On the occasion of Build, its annual conference dedicated to developers, Microsoft gave pride of place to artificial intelligence and automation. Without forgetting to surf on the Metaverse trend. During the Microsoft Build, no less than one fifty new services and features dedicated to developers, whether expert or low-code, were presented. Based on the principle … Read more

Microsoft Build 2022: what’s new for developers on Teams, Windows, Power Platform…

Microsoft Build 2022 whats new for developers on Teams Windows

Find the summary of Microsoft Build 2022 announcements for Microsoft 365 (Teams and Loop), as well as Power Platform, Windows and Azure. Share the article Heloise Famie-Galtier / Published on May 24, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. At the Build 2022 conference, Microsoft announced many new features for its services. © jetcityimage – … Read more

DeepMind’s “Gato” is mediocre, so why build it?

DeepMinds Gato is mediocre so why build it

DeepMind’s “Gato” neural network excels at many tasks, including controlling robotic arms that stack blocks, playing Atari 2600 games, and captioning images. Image: DeepMind. The world is used to seeing headlines about the latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence forms of deep learning. However, the latest achievement from Google’s DeepMind division could be summed up as … Read more

How Cac 40 players build their AI factory

How Cac 40 players build their AI factory

Showing various degrees of maturity, the largest French companies have become aware of the importance of industrializing the development of machine learning models at the level of their entire organization. Cac 40 groups are now aware of the importance of industrializing and pooling their efforts in terms of artificial intelligence through a cross-functional AI factory. … Read more

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Meta can build its data centers with low-carbon concrete

In 2018, Meta committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and is aiming for net zero emissions for its value chain by 2030. However, it plans to build eight data centers. To reduce the carbon emissions that this will generate, the META team, with the help of Lav Varshney and Nishant Garg from the University of … Read more

Rudi Vervoort, Brussels Minister-President: “We will have to build a lot of housing in Brussels by 2030”

May 07, 2022 Today at 03:29 Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort reviews the issues that are agitating the capital. Selected pieces. This weekend, the Iris Festival will mark the 33rd anniversary of the Brussels Region. “Despite all attempts, she has not yet been crucified,” jokes Rudi Vervoort (PS) who believes that the capital is doing rather … Read more