Doped with artificial intelligence, nothing escapes video surveillance cameras

Doped with artificial intelligence nothing escapes video surveillance cameras

Sitting behind the video wall of the Pisciac urban supervision center (CSU), they see everything. Since the creation of the equipment by the City in 2015, there are seven video-operators to carefully scrutinize, 365 days a year, the images captured by the hundred cameras installed throughout the city. A tedious job that requires constant vigilance … Read more

What are the best connected surveillance cameras in 2022 and how to choose them?

What are the best connected surveillance cameras in 2022 and

Home security is of paramount importance! And, faced with the ever-increasing cunning of the bandits, the least you can do is install surveillance cameras. Although their presence may not prevent a break-in, they can nevertheless deter malicious people and alert you in the event of an intrusion. All of this will allow you to make … Read more

Aude: a network of very high-speed cameras to anticipate fires, floods and drought

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

CCTV, not around people, but over elements, like water and fire. This is what the Aude energy and digital union (Syaden) is working on by maximizing the new resources offered by fiber optics. The deployment of fiber continues in the department. It should be fully completed by the end of 2025. A few days away … Read more

Video surveillance: the Cnil warns against cameras responsible for analyzing our behavior

Video surveillance the Cnil warns against cameras responsible for analyzing

The Commission points to the risks of massive and illegal surveillance linked to the generalization of cameras associated with artificial intelligence systems. The Cnil, guarantor of the private life of the French, called on Tuesday for a regulatory or legislative framework for surveillance devices by so-called “augmented” cameras, capable of identifying the behavior of people … Read more

Dual Shutter Vibration Detection System Uses Ordinary Cameras To Achieve Extraordinary Results Artificial Intelligence & Robotics News

A camera system developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University can see sound vibrations with such precision and detail that it can reconstruct the music of a single instrument in a band or orchestra. Even the most powerful and directed microphones cannot eliminate nearby sounds, ambient noise and the effect of acoustics when capturing audio. … Read more

Eyes’R allows cameras to detect the risk of work accidents

Putting artificial intelligence at the service of risk prevention in the workplace. That’s what it’s trying to do Eyes’R, which designs digital solutions aimed at making camera systems capable of detecting accident-prone situations. The startup, which was created in 2018 and whose head office is located in Montargis (Loiret), claims to have for “aim to … Read more

Smart cameras, anti-drone fight: how is the government preparing to secure the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The Paris Olympics in 2024 but also the Rugby World Cup in the fall of 2023: France is preparing to host major global sporting events. Appointments which will obviously attract a lot of people but which already pose security questions. >> Paris 2024: ten million tickets from 24 euros … What you need to know … Read more

Intelligent tool protection with cameras in stamping and forming technology

The increase in efficiency through digitization – almost no industrial sector can ignore this. Press plant operators are also increasingly networking their production. But, whether it’s individual presses or lines of presses, it’s not always necessary to replace the entire installation to “stay in the game”. The modernization of existing installations, faithful to the principle … Read more

More powerful cameras are key to smartphone success, says Google exec

More powerful cameras are key to smartphone success says Google

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones Taking photos is one of the “most important” parts of using a smartphone, a senior Google executive has said, saying the company needs to make devices that allow people to “better capture and remember ” with their photos. Navin Sarma said Google wants its Pixel line of … Read more

AI Surveillance Cameras Are Now Being Used To Detect Potential Threats

Heres Why AI Can Be Easily Biased By Annotation Instructions

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Using artificial intelligence to detect firearms A Manhattan company is using AI to help security cameras quickly alert people to possible threats. Read also: Good news for Vinted, which is a big hit and raises 250 million euros!. NEW YORK — It’s only a simulation, but it looks real, as … Read more