Prune Nouvion (VidMob): To increase campaign performance, brands need to tailor creatives with industry-specific insights | Viuz

Prune Nouvion VidMob To increase campaign performance brands need to

We announce the opening of the office parisian from Vidmob this summer. We interviewed Plum NouvionResponsible for Southern Europe, VidMobfor more information. VidMob in a nutshell? VidMob is a leader in creative intelligence. Our solutions enable brands to understand the DNA of their advertising efforts, using real-time intelligent analytics to produce granular insights into the … Read more

Total Energies: an engagement rate multiplied by 25 in its new campaign for Mobility | Viuz

Total Energies an engagement rate multiplied by 25 in its, in collaboration with the Neo Media World agency, supports Total Energies in its new B2B advertising campaign for Mobility, a multi-energy and multi-service card to manage professional mobility costs. created an interactive advertisement integrating a unique advertising chatbot with a human voice, which generated a very high exposure rate, with an average of … Read more

A campaign of pro-American foreign interference dismantled on Twitter and Facebook

A campaign of pro American foreign interference dismantled on Twitter and

This underground campaign, active since 2017, aimed to influence social media users living in Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Using fake accounts impersonating local media and locals, the campaign sought to stoke resentment toward Russia, Iran, and China. Nearly half of the accounts targeted the Iranian population. Researchers, working for social media … Read more

Why Google And Samsung Teamed Up With TikTok Personality Addison Rae For A Nostalgic ’90s Campaign

Why Google And Samsung Teamed Up With TikTok Personality Addison

This summer, Google and Samsung released their latest co-marketing effort with the tech and hardware giants cashing in on early-day nostalgia and using TikToker Addison Rae as a muse for the Gen-Z crowd. In its latest ad campaign featuring Rae, Google tells how people can create magic when they use their Samsung Galaxy android devices … Read more

SiPearl, designer of the European microprocessor, intensifies its recruitment campaign

SiPearl designer of the European microprocessor intensifies its recruitment campaign

The company created in 2019 has passed the milestone of 100 employees but wants 1000 by 2025. Many jobs are to be filled, particularly in France. SiPearl announced at the start of the week that it had reached the milestone of 100 employees at its 6 locations in France (Maisons-Laffitte, Grenoble, Massy, ​​Sophia Antipolis), Germany … Read more

> : Launch of TELUS International’s campaign to help brands find the right partner for the implementation, improvement and adaptation of digital customer experience services and programs

In 2022, 84% of technology executives plan to use an external vendor in some way to help their company meet its customer experience goals TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT) is an innovative digital customer experience leader that designs, manufactures and delivers next-generation solutions for market-creating global brands. It today announced the launch of its … Read more

Economy: the five ideas that emerged during the presidential campaign

1649402784 Economy the five ideas that emerged during the presidential campaign

The political stables are somewhat the same but the markers have changed in the space of five years. During this strange countryside, unexpected proposals arrived on the table; others deemed old-fashioned not so long ago, such as industrial sovereignty, or “radioactive”, like the revival of nuclear power, have been debated. The proof that the climate … Read more

Science and research, major absentees from the presidential campaign – Sciences et Avenir

Science and research major absentees from the presidential campaign

The scientific research ? Where ? Where ? It will not have escaped anyone with the slightest interest in science that the presidential campaign, in the mainstream media version, does not say a word. Too difficult, a question of time – especially if we are talking about climate change, a subject which nevertheless interests more … Read more