Artificial intelligence: these new software capable of creating images from texts

Artificial intelligence these new software capable of creating images from

Image created by Dall E 2 software, based on the written request “shiba dog in a firefighter’s outfit” and published in the Platformer newsletter, by digital journalist Casey Newton. OPEN AI “It’s been a few years since I’ve seen some nascent technology that makes you want to call your friends and say, ‘You need to … Read more

OpenAI a mis au point une intelligence artificielle capable de jouer Minecraft un niveau quivalent celui des humains, le modle d’IA est capable de nager, chasser et sauter des piliers

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

OpenAI a annonc la semaine dernire avoir russi apprendre un rseau de neurones jouer Minecraft. l’aide d’un mlange de vidos Minecraft non tiquetes et d’un petit ensemble de donnes tiquetes par des entrepreneurs, les chercheurs d’OpenAI ont russi former un rseau neuronal pour qu’il puisse jouer Minecraft de manire comptente – une tape importante pour … Read more

David Bessis: “A society capable of really teaching maths is more democratic”

Mathematics is everywhere and yet it remains widely considered inaccessible. A former student of the École Normale Supérieure, David Bessis was an assistant professor at Yale University and a researcher in mathematics at the CNRS. Founder of a company specializing in artificial intelligence, he calls for a profound change of outlook on the queen of … Read more

They invent a nanosensor capable of detecting pesticides in food products

They invent a nanosensor capable of detecting pesticides in food

How do you know if the fruits and vegetables you eat are full of pesticide residues? It is obviously difficult to know with the naked eye or by smell… Pesticides cannot be detected without a special device, which is why you must wash all your fruits and vegetables without exception before consuming them. . Swedish … Read more

Researchers have developed a new system capable of accelerating the execution of computer programs while guaranteeing their accuracy. – News Artificial intelligence and robotics

Researchers have developed a technique that can dramatically speed up certain types of computer programs automatically, while ensuring that program results remain accurate. Their system increases the speed of programs that run in the Unix shell, a ubiquitous programming environment that was created 50 years ago and is still widely used today. Their method parallelizes … Read more

An artificial intelligence capable of discovering physical laws hidden in various data – Mathematics News

Researchers from Kobe University and Osaka University have successfully developed an artificial intelligence technology capable of extracting hidden equations of motion from regular observation data and creating a model faithful to laws of physics. This technology could allow us to discover the hidden equations of motion behind phenomena whose laws were considered inexplicable. For example, … Read more

Microsoft will launch an AI capable of creating quasi-autonomous applications

Microsoft will launch an AI capable of creating quasi autonomous applications

Microsoft is developing a system that allows artificial intelligence to create apps and other software without human intervention. Microsoft will launch an AI capable of developing applications almost autonomously Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella began Microsoft’s two-day virtual developer conference, Microsoft Build, with a brief mention of the global recession. The entire keynote was devoted to … Read more

DeepMind: a new AI capable of performing more than 600 tasks

DeepMind a new AI capable of performing more than 600

One of the great challenges in the field of AI is the realization of a system integrating an artificial general intelligence, or AGI. Such a system must be able to understand and master any task of which a human being would be capable. However, this week, the DeepMind research laboratory has just announced the release … Read more

1651736816 Des chercheurs developpent une IA capable de detecter les videos

Les progrs des logiciels de montage vido ont facilit la production de vidos “deepfake”. Il existe principalement deux types de vidos “deepfake”, l’une o ce que dit la personne est manipul en intervertissant les expressions faciales, et l’autre o l’identit de la personne est intervertie. Des informaticiens ont mis au point une technique permettant de … Read more

System capable of rapid transitions between behaviors – News Artificial intelligence and robotics

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), Cornell University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have developed collectives of microrobots capable of moving in any desired formation. Miniature particles are able to reconfigure their swarm behavior quickly and robustly. Floating on the surface of the water, the versatile microrobotic discs can spin in … Read more