VIDEO. Tourism and environment: a car counter to avoid saturation in the Pyrenees

VIDEO Tourism and environment a car counter to avoid saturation

Air and soil pollution, landscape degradation: preserving these natural sites has become a major issue. So how can we reconcile the pleasure of traveling while reducing our environmental footprint? Answer in this new issue of Reinventing yourself in New Aquitaine. Every year, more than 1 million visitors walk the trails of the Pyrenees. A figure … Read more

DETECTABLE, the only jacket for cyclists visible by onboard car cameras – your bike and triathlon magazine

DETECTABLE the only jacket for cyclists visible by onboard car

Urban Circus, specialist in high-visibility clothing for users of soft mobility, and Continental, automotive supplier and mobility expert for more than a century and a half, have created DETECTABLE, the first jacket detectable by on-board vehicle cameras to protect the lives of vulnerable road users: cyclists, EDPm users, pedestrians… Worn by bicycle, single-wheeler, scooter or … Read more

Tesla presents its humanoid robot Optimus, while the markets await it on the electric car

Tesla presents its humanoid robot Optimus while the markets await

Presentation of Tesla’s Optimus robot, in Palo Alto, California, on September 30. – /AFP With a cautious step, cables and electronic chips exposed, “Bumble C” arrived on the stage of the Tesla AI Day conference, in Palo Alto, California, on Friday, September 30. He sketched a hand salute, and video showed him bringing a package … Read more

Autonomous car: in the event of an accident, who is responsible?

Autonomous car in the event of an accident who is

Artificial intelligence is invading our lives, not to say ruling them. Look around you, and you will find a connected object, an element devoid of a simple form of intelligence, capable of responding to you when you speak to it, or simply of adapting to its environment, like robot vacuum cleaners. For those who have … Read more

The Tesla Roadster gets tamed by this Chinese electric car

The Tesla Roadster gets tamed by this Chinese electric car

The Aion brand, owned by the Chinese group GAC, has just lifted the veil on its first supercar. Called Hyper SSR, it displays very high performance and becomes the fastest Chinese car on the market. Today, Chinese manufacturers are entering the market in force. We are of course thinking of MG, marketed in France since … Read more

Apple Car, popular before it even existed

Towards a GDPR future in the United States

Strategic Vision has revealed the results of its annual survey of 200,000 new car owners to determine which manufacturers are most popular with buyers. The list featured more than 45 brands including Apple, added by Strategic Vision to assess ‘brand power’. And the results are surprising since behind Toyota and Honda, we find the electronics … Read more

This is the self-driving electric car that is giving Elon Musk a cold sweat

This is the self driving electric car that is giving Elon

The Chinese firm Baidu has officially unveiled its first autonomous taxi, which takes the form of a 100% electric minivan. She is ahead of Elon Musk, who also wants to get into this niche, with an autonomous taxi network already in service. Autonomous shuttles have been developing for many years and manufacturers and tech specialists … Read more

Using artificial intelligence, a Lyon start-up creates a scanner to assess the buyback price of your car: installed in Vénissieux – LE [Lyon-Entreprises]

Using artificial intelligence a Lyon start up creates a scanner to

How to evaluate very precisely the price of your car that you plan to sell? Since this summer, a new service deployed in the car parks of a certain number of Carrefour hypermarkets – and in particular that of Vénissieux – offers a very quick estimate of your vehicle. It was already available for professionals, … Read more

The interior revolution in the electric car according to Valeo

The interior revolution in the electric car according to Valeo

Zapping Autonews Nissan Sakura (2022): the new Japanese electric city car on video During the presentation of its Move Up plan last February, Valeo cited thermal comfort as one of the pillars of its strategy. An aspect that seems to have gone unnoticed by analysts and the media. However, it goes without saying that the … Read more

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

La fictosexualit est le terme utilis pour dcrire les personnes sexuellement attires par les personnages de fiction et au Japon, cela devient peu peu une tendance, dans la mesure o certaines entreprises dveloppent une technologie pour proposer aux utilisateurs des couples holographiques. Akihiko Kondo a pouss son amour pour un personnage de fiction un peu … Read more