Davos: Geopolitical instability increases risk of ‘catastrophic cyberattack’

Davos Geopolitical instability increases risk of catastrophic cyberattack

DAVOS: The risk of catastrophic cyberattacks is skyrocketing due to geopolitical instability, according to a report released Wednesday at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. More than 93% of cybersecurity experts and 86% of business leaders surveyed for the report believe that “a large-scale catastrophic cyber event is likely within the … Read more

Against a backdrop of global decline in tech, Soft Bank signs a catastrophic start to the year

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[Article publié le 8.8.2022 à 12:51, MàJ 15:00 avec cours de Bourse avant résultats] The clouds continue to gather over SoftBank Group, the Japanese colossus of investments in new technologies, which suffered a record net loss in the first quarter of its financial year 2022/2023, against the backdrop of a global decline in technology stocks. … Read more