Can AI really help us face the challenges of today and tomorrow?

Can AI really help us face the challenges of today

In less than a month, the prestigious international congress will be held on the MIL campus of the Université de Montréal TimeWorld on artificial intelligence (AI). Reflecting their leadership in this effervescent field, Montreal and UdeM will be well represented. In addition to two renowned graduates – astrophysicist Hubert Reeves and astronaut David Saint-Jacques – … Read more

Data governance: the 7 challenges of an innovation machine

1 – Involve the businesses to motivate them Customer data, industrial and business information, financial data, etc. : in an organization, the data are numerous and are constantly increasing with digital technology. Their common point: they are the property of a business function or a support function. If historically certain data is shared between the … Read more

The Factor Humano 2022 congress analyzes the challenges of the digital age for HR departments – Benin Actu

PARIS, May 12 (Benin News / EP) – Those responsible for the Human resources sector gathered this Thursday in Madrid for a new edition of the Congress Human Factor 2022in which the challenges of the digital age for these departments are analyzed and the most innovative technological tools are presented by their manufacturers, ranging from … Read more

Telemedicine: what role can Artificial Intelligence play? – Challenges

The French government launched its telemedicine program in 2009. Five telemedicine acts are listed and organized in the Public Health Code: teleconsultation, teleexpertise, medical telemonitoring, medical teleassistance and medical response. L’Assurance Maladie has reimbursed teleconsultation acts since September 2018 – and tele-expertise acts since February 2019. But, until 2020, the adoption of telemedicine has remained … Read more

Data governance: the 7 challenges of an innovation machine

In terms of data sharing, the motivations are simple: regulations represent an imperative necessity for all players, but it is above all innovation that makes it possible to achieve performance gains and growth potential. However, the process remains complex with major challenges to be met in terms of data governance. 1 – Involve the businesses … Read more

SantExpo 2022: Dedalus meetings to discuss the challenges of the future of e-health

SantExpo 2022 Dedalus meetings to discuss the challenges of the

Dedalus , TUESDAY 10 MAY 2022 Communicating and scalable health platforms are now essential for the practice of professionals, patient monitoring, and more broadly, information useful for medical research. Dedalus, as the main European operator, supports the digital transformation in health and participates in the constant improvement of the care pathway in the public and … Read more

How does the tax authorities detect tax evasion? – Challenges

Presented in March by the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, Olivier Dussopt, the 2021 results of the fight against tax fraud revealed that 13.4 billion euros in adjustments had been notified to individuals and businesses, and that 10, 7 billion had been collected over the year. Figures on the rise, since the amount of taxes … Read more

The 3 fundamental challenges of AI for Industry 4.0 Computerworld

The rise of artificial intelligence is bringing significant gains to an increasingly automated and connected industrial sector. Both in terms of cost and productivity, as well as improving working conditions and safety as well as quality and the environment. Artificial intelligence is becoming an ally of choice that contributes not only to the development and … Read more

Advestis: Artificial intelligence research company – Challenges

Advestis Artificial intelligence research company Challenges

Advestis provides Research & Development services under the “contract research” modality. A Contract Research Organization is a private structure that achieves most of its turnover in the form of R&D contracts. The company constantly invests to develop specific skills allowing it to be at the state of the art on advanced technologies. ” The particularity … Read more

Explainability and reliability: the two great challenges of quantum computing

Explainability and reliability the two great challenges of quantum computing

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) raises major ethical questions for societies. The quantum is likely to do the same. When applying algorithms to sensitive topics – say HR data or justice – one of the requirements is that you have to be able to explain how you get the result. No question of … Read more