At the time of Artificial Intelligence and crises of all kinds, Supreme Audit Institutions must “change the paradigm”

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

Rabat – The Court of Auditors is hosting, from September 26 to 28 in Rabat, an international meeting organized by the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), on the theme of “foresight in the management of public finances”. This meeting brings together 13 Supreme Audit Institutions and IDI experts, as well as many speakers representing centers and … Read more

How quantum computers could change the automotive industry, starting with Europe

1664193090 How quantum computers could change the automotive industry starting with

Currently, integrating a quantum computer into a car is not a very profitable idea. Not only because of the cost of the operation, but also because of the size these machines require to operate. However, if it were to happen, we could have the smartest cars that have ever existed in history. This is exactly … Read more

Japan, U.S., South Korea oppose status quo change amid Taiwan tension

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

Senior diplomats from Japan, the United States and South Korea have said they oppose any attempt to change the status quo of territories by force, as China increasingly asserts itself in the Asia-Pacific region. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin met in New … Read more

iOS 16 brings a new iPhone lock screen, but there are still some things you can’t change

iOS 16 brings a new iPhone lock screen but there

iOS 16 is finally here, and it comes with a new customizable lock screen for iPhone. For the first time, iPhone users can not only create multiple lock screens with different wallpapers, but also change interface aspects such as font, colors and add widgets. But there are still some things you cannot change on iPhone … Read more

Climate change Faced with drought, innovating to transform our agriculture

Climate change Faced with drought innovating to transform our agriculture

Mon. September 12, 2022 at 05:02 • Delphine Luquet, Ndjido Ardo Kane and Vincent Vadez • Terre-net Media While drought episodes are set to increase with climate change, agriculture must adapt to continue producing and be able to ensure global food security. In this article from The Conversation, Delphine Luquet from CIRAD, Ndjido Ardo … Read more

Respond better to climate change thanks to artificial intelligence

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

This text is part of the special Research section Researcher Renée Sieber and her colleague Frédéric Fabry examine the social repercussions of disruptive weather events using artificial intelligence. The data obtained could make it possible to better understand these climatic upheavals which are constantly multiplying. After focusing on extreme phenomena, such as heat waves and … Read more

Embrace change with “In Transfer”

Embrace change with In Transfer

It is in a building itself in full transformation, the Möllerei, that the exhibition “In Transfer – A new condition” is presented. Designed for Esch2022 thanks to the partnership with Ars Electronica, which is responsible for curating it, the exhibition addresses questions of change and transformation in our contemporary world, which presents many challenges. “Our … Read more

Artificial intelligence: Five areas where everything will change

Artificial intelligence Five areas where everything will change

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way businesses operate in many industries. By embracing artificial intelligence (AI), companies can automate their activities and achieve more efficient results. The report of McKinsey on the Latest Tech Trends for 2022 took an in-depth look at AI and its many applications, which go far beyond the tech industry. Here … Read more

Listed companies | Disclosure of bosses’ pay set to change

Property tax Data centers are mobilizing

The rankings revealing the compensation of senior executives are set to change. New rules adopted Thursday by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will allow companies to present this information in a more nuanced way to better reflect reality. Posted at 6:00 a.m. Richard Dufour The Press The American stock market watchdog will require, starting … Read more