Chinese market: Nvidia CEO confident despite AI sanctions

Chinese market Nvidia CEO confident despite AI sanctions

Despite the sanctions imposed by Washington, the Chinese market still represents an important growth opportunity for Nvidia. This is what the leader of the Californian chipmaker, leader in the GPU market, said on Wednesday in an interview with the press. Jensen Huang’s statements come more or less a month after the Biden administration banned Nvidia … Read more

An artificial intelligence has been named CEO of a Chinese company

Photonics is a key technology that Europe cannot afford to

A Chinese company has just appointed an artificial intelligence as CEO. Thanks to this virtual robot, the firm seeks to improve the management of its operations. Net Dragon Websoft, a Chinese company specializing in multiplayer online games, has just made an astonishing decision. The firm has appointed an artificial intelligence, called Tang Yu, leading the … Read more

The Tesla Roadster gets tamed by this Chinese electric car

The Tesla Roadster gets tamed by this Chinese electric car

The Aion brand, owned by the Chinese group GAC, has just lifted the veil on its first supercar. Called Hyper SSR, it displays very high performance and becomes the fastest Chinese car on the market. Today, Chinese manufacturers are entering the market in force. We are of course thinking of MG, marketed in France since … Read more

3 hard-penalized Chinese stocks to buy on dips as fears subside |

3 hard penalized Chinese stocks to buy on dips as fears

US-listed Chinese stocks have fallen out of favor with investors The current selloff offers opportunities to buy at bargain prices Consider buying the drop from Alibaba, Baidu, and Xpeng Chinese companies have been among the worst performers in the market over the past year as they fell out of favor after Beijing launched a sweeping … Read more

US lawmakers warn Apple against using Chinese group’s chips in new iPhone

US lawmakers warn Apple against using Chinese groups chips in

Republican lawmakers have warned Apple that it will face congressional scrutiny if the California-based company buys memory chips from a controversial Chinese semiconductor maker for the new iPhone 14. Marco Rubio, Republican vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed alarm at a … Read more

A Chinese video game company has named the world’s first humanoid robot as CEO

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

The tech world continues to encounter firsts. Recently, the China-based mobile game company NetDragon Websoft has appointed a virtual human being supported by artificial intelligence as general manager named “Tang Yu”. The appointment was made on August 26, and virtual CEO Ms. Tang Yu took up her post at the company’s main subsidiary, Fujian NetDragon … Read more

SenseTime, the Chinese champion of artificial intelligence that worries Washington

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Second attempt for SenseTime: after an aborted attempt, the Chinese leader in artificial intelligence (AI) yesterday relaunched the process leading to an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 30. Two weeks ago, the facial recognition champion called off the operation after being placed on a new blacklist by the US Treasury, alongside … Read more

Elon Musk describes his vision of the future… In the Chinese censorship magazine

Elon Musk describes his vision of the future… In the

China’s internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), is the specialist in online speech restriction in China. The CAC wants to control all the comments published or even prohibit influencers from discussing certain subjects, which has earned it the title of censor. The regulator also has a magazine, China Cyberspace. This is where the … Read more

Beijing forces Chinese tech giants to lift the veil on their algorithms

Beijing forces Chinese tech giants to lift the veil on

China’s Cyberspace Administration has unveiled a list detailing how tech giants use algorithms. This list follows the adoption of a law in March to better regulate recommendation algorithms. Beijing is once again raising its voice vis-à-vis its tech giants. After a lull in the spring in the measures taken by the communist regime to whistle … Read more

A Chinese blockade of Taiwan would cost the global economy dearly

Charity Digital Topics Everything You Need To Know

What do a toaster, an iPhone and the latest Playstation have in common? We find in these three objects of our daily life semiconductors. These small silicon chips are used absolutely everywhere: in our computers, in household appliances, in our smartphones and even in medical equipment. And they very often come from Taiwan. Following Nancy … Read more