Ten biggest climate tech investors in Tel Aviv.

INDH Student development is an ongoing process

Israel, which is often referred to as the Startup Nation for its prowess in everything related to new technologies, from software to cybertechnology, artificial intelligence and semiconductors, is lagging behind other other countries in the area of ​​climate technologies. But that is clearly changing, as decision-makers, like citizens around the world, realize that this is … Read more

How to reconcile climate imperative and food sovereignty?

How to reconcile climate imperative and food sovereignty

At the beginning of our food systems was the land. Panorama of a year that made us understand how nurturing nature is, and why there is an urgent need to reconcile sovereignty and the transformation of agricultural practices. In the dirty game of war, all shots are allowed – and not just in the theater … Read more

Climate change Faced with drought, innovating to transform our agriculture

Climate change Faced with drought innovating to transform our agriculture

Mon. September 12, 2022 at 05:02 • Delphine Luquet, Ndjido Ardo Kane and Vincent Vadez • Terre-net Media While drought episodes are set to increase with climate change, agriculture must adapt to continue producing and be able to ensure global food security. In this article from The Conversation, Delphine Luquet from CIRAD, Ndjido Ardo … Read more

Respond better to climate change thanks to artificial intelligence

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

This text is part of the special Research section Researcher Renée Sieber and her colleague Frédéric Fabry examine the social repercussions of disruptive weather events using artificial intelligence. The data obtained could make it possible to better understand these climatic upheavals which are constantly multiplying. After focusing on extreme phenomena, such as heat waves and … Read more

AFRICA: Rockefeller funds artificial intelligence for climate adaptation | Africa 21

Comment rendre lIA plus verte et plus efficace

Although its share of carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for only 3% of global emissions, Africa is expected to bear most of the economic impact of climate change, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB). To support the resilience of African economies, the Rockefeller Foundation is funding $5.5 million for the establishment of a partnership between … Read more

Artificial intelligence solutions too fragmented for climate use

Artificial intelligence solutions too fragmented for climate use

Artificial intelligence would be a good tool in the fight against climate change for companies and public institutions. Unfortunately, the solutions are too fragmented and they are complex to use on a large scale. This is what the report presents. How AI Can Be a Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Climate Change written by … Read more

With Dynamic World, Google wants to help researchers fight against climate change

The American giant has launched Dynamic World, a tool that provides near real-time global land cover data. Enabling researchers and governments to develop useful solutions and minimize their effects on problems like climate change is Google’s goal with its new tool called Dynamic World. Powered by the Google Earth Engine and AI Platform user interface, … Read more

Research – Scientists seek to adapt the forests of Loiret and Centre-Val de Loire to climate change

Research Scientists seek to adapt the forests of Loiret

It is a plot in the heart of the forest of Orléans, near the crossroads of the Resistance, in Lorris. The oaks, which are about 60 years old, are lined with sensors. Dendrometers measure the circumference of the trunk and continuously record the intraday changes in the circumference of the trunk, which changes according to … Read more

Artificial intelligence: a new algorithm detects the most common lies about the climate – LeBigData.fr

An Australian research team has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect false climate information circulating on the web. After almost five years development, John Cook and his colleagues from the Climate Change Communication Research Hub (Australia) have just unveiled their project: a machine learning algorithm capable of detecting false climate information circulating on the … Read more