Recruitment: the Feel Good label awarded to 27 companies

Recruitment the Feel Good label awarded to 27 companies

The recruitment firm,, has officially rewarded 27 companies, awarding them the Feel Good label. The event took place in particular, last week, in a festive atmosphere, in a large palace in Casablanca. These companies, large and small, have been rewarded for engaging in a recruitment process that places the well-being of their teams at … Read more

How mature are companies in the face of AI? A study takes stock.

How mature are companies in the face of AI A

A new Accenture report tries to measure the current maturity of companies facing the potential of AI. More than 60% of large companies are still only experimenting with artificial intelligence, thus depriving themselves of a lever for growth and innovation. Conducted with 1,200 companies around the world, Accenture’s new report on the maturity of companies … Read more

Israel, global center for gaming companies? 170 firms & 4,000 employees.

The Jewish state has become one of the world’s centers for gaming companies. A sector that represents the largest entertainment industry in the world. This sector has seen steady growth over the past eight years and remains very promising today. The magnitude of the phenomenon is expected to reverberate further in the future, due to … Read more

Artificial intelligence, an opportunity for companies » PACA’s economic and political letter

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming essential for companies in order to gain visibility and growth. Security professionals, identity managers and IT operations teams are under increasing pressure to make quick decisions based on an endless stream of alerts, reports and initiatives aimed at time to activate and protect the company. According to a … Read more

The rise of “cobots”, the robots of the future for companies?

Robots are revolutionizing the world of work. They are spreading in all major industries. As more and more money is poured into automation, will the increased presence of robots create new job opportunities or put millions of people out of work? Automation has been growing rapidly since the 1960s. And artificial intelligence has multiplied the … Read more

PwC France and Maghreb launch the PwC Store, its digital marketplace to accelerate the digitalization of companies

SOC Transformation The New Frontier of Security According to Vectra

PwC France and Maghreb launch the PwC Store, its digital marketplace to accelerate the digitalization of companies In line with its ambition to become the benchmark player on the issues of trust and digital transformation of companies, PwC France and Maghreb announce the launch of the PwC Store, the first digital marketplace initiated by a … Read more

Electronic signature: a powerful tool for companies

Electronic signature a powerful tool for companies

The electronic signature is essential in companies, in particular thanks to its simplicity and its speed of execution. But also because it provides guarantees in terms of data protection. Arrived from the United States about fifteen years ago, the electronic signature is just beginning to find a place in companies. If we are to believe … Read more

Digital transformation: companies still have a long way to go

Digital transformation companies still have a long way to go

Pascale Dumas and Christian Poyau, co-chairmen of the Technological Changes and Societal Impacts Commission of the Mouvement des entreprises de France (Medef) as well as Alexandre Aractingi, associate director of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Paris and Clémentine Désigaud, senior associate, recently held a press conference to present the 2th publication of their study … Read more

Hakan Dogu (Renault Group): “We are open to cooperation with other companies”

Auto Info: How do you reorganize your logistics? Hakan Dogu: To better serve our networks and our customers, we need to modernize our spare parts stores, improve our customer service and work on last mile delivery. We have decided to specialize our stores. Puiseux becomes our European and international platform, Villeroy is dedicated to France … Read more

Leaving innovative companies would be a mistake, says Catherine Wood | Finance and Investment

The economy is about to be turned upside down by new technologies that break with the past, believes Catherine Wood. “You have to go back to the era of the development of electricity, the telephone and the automobile to see so many innovative sectors at the same time,” she says. His firm Ark Investmement is … Read more