Company awards (7/12). Nuvee, the digital platform that wants you well…

Laura Oliveri and Cyril Gauthier, respectively therapeutic education nurse and nutritionist doctor, created EPSD (educational space in dematerialized health) in 2018, then Nuvee, a digital therapeutic education platform, to support the patient in his care journey. After a widely proven model in the health field, they now aim to increase their field of action in … Read more

Security – Sensivic, the Orleans company behind an abnormal sound detector, in the starting blocks as the Paris Olympics approach

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will they allow Sensitive to win new markets? That’s all the start-up hopes for, hosted at Lab’O Village by CAin Orleans. The company, created in 2015, invented an abnormal sound detector – “gunshot, explosion, accident, broken glass, break-in by drilling or cutting, vandalism, cry of panic, incivility and … Read more

Tech company HITLAB is shaking up the music industry

Tech company HITLAB is shaking up the music industry

HITLAB President and CEO Michel Zgarka, left, and Julia Kastner, HITLAB Director of Marketing and Business Development, right. (Photo: Christina Esteban — courtesy) GUEST BLOG. From consumer behavior to upcoming trends, data can be a gold mine of useful information to guide business decisions. But what is there to discover when exploring a song’s data? … Read more

THAILAND – COMPANY: Gogolook, Thailand’s choice to fight against telephone scams

THAILAND COMPANY Gogolook Thailands choice to fight against telephone

Gogolook, Taiwanese developer of call screening app Whoscall, has chosen Thailand as its base for Southeast Asia as it sees a surge in demand among users who want to guard against call center scams. calls and online fraud via social media and the metaverse. The Whoscall app has reached 10 million downloads in Thailand and … Read more

Uvalde shooting: a company offers taser-armed drones to protect schools… Before giving up

The tragedy of Uvalde, this town in Texas where 21 people, including 19 children, were shot dead by an 18-year-old young man on May 24, has traumatized the United States. While Democrats are campaigning for better gun control, some Republicans are looking for other solutions so as not to challenge the Second Amendment – ​​which … Read more

TidyUp Technologies, an innovative company » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

Never has storing, classifying, finding digital content been so easy and so easy to access. TidyUp Technologies, an Azurean company from the South Region, is launching the development of a solution whose mission is to facilitate the daily life of VSEs/SMEs, communities and associations. For 30 years, the fundamental concepts of computer tools for filing … Read more

“We owe the performance of a company to individual dynamics” | The Gazette Nord-Pas de Calais

The North Gazette – Pas-de-Calais : Can you tell us about Ingram Micro in a few figures? Sophie Deleval: The group, on a global scale, achieves a turnover of 46 billion euros, including 1.6 in France. We are present in 57 countries with more than 35,000 employees and are deeply rooted in Hauts-de-France with the … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Why it is vital to support its integration into the company

Without support, humans often find themselves alone in the face of algorithms intended to make their lives easier. The specialist in business intelligence, Sindup, tells us how, for 10 years, he has been helping organizations to train managers and employees thanks to a catalog designed to address all profiles. Combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence … Read more

ZS acquires bioinformatics and systems biology company Intomics A/S

EVANSTON, Illinois, May 04, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–The global professional services company SZ today announced the acquisition of the Danish bioinformatics and systems biology company Intomics. Founded in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Intomics accelerates and optimizes the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products by enabling the complex analysis of biomedical data. The addition of renowned scientists to the … Read more

Erasing your data online in a few clicks, the ambition of the Mine company

After their military service in cybersecurity units of the Israeli army, Gal Ringel, Gal Golan and Kobi Nissan created a few years ago the company Mine which wants to help Internet users to be forgotten thanks to artificial intelligence. A user enters his email address on the group’s site which, using artificial intelligence, lists all … Read more