With Health20, French Tech supports health start-ups Computerworld

With Health20 French Tech supports health start ups Computerworld

France wants to restore its image in the field of health. To do this, the government announced in 2021 a plan of 7 billion euros dedicated to the sector. Today, he turns to French Tech to help him in his quest for innovative companies. Result: a support program called Health20 should chaperone 20 health start-ups … Read more

Extreme Networks is playing the recession for now Computerworld

Extreme Networks is playing the recession for now Computerworld

According to Extreme’s CEO, Ed Meyercord, supply chain difficulties did not prevent a record increase in revenues in the last quarter, in the area of ​​WiFi in particular. Despite parts supply issues and a huge backlog of backlogs, Extreme Networks achieved record first-quarter revenue of nearly $300 million, up 11% from last year and 7% … Read more

AI and data analytics technologies far from their full potential Computerworld

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

In France, 63% of managers use artificial intelligence and data analysis technologies to carry out their missions, according to a study carried out by Axys Consultants. But several factors, such as the lack of training or acculturation of these tools prevent them from taking full advantage of them. In France, AI and data analysis technologies … Read more

13 open source projects that are transforming AI and ML Computerworld

13 open source projects that are transforming AI and ML

From deepfakes to natural language processing and more, the open source world is full of projects aimed at supporting software development at the frontiers of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Open source is fertile ground for pioneering software, especially in cutting-edge areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Open source ethics and collaboration … Read more

Atos opens its 2nd largest R&D center in Grenoble Computerworld

Atos opens its 2nd largest RD center in Grenoble Computerworld

Located in Echirolles in Isre, the research and development center just made official by Atos is one of the most important of the IT supplier in the region. The specialties of this 19,200m site focus on artificial intelligence, high performance computing and green computing. Inaugurated yesterday, Monday October 20 in Echirolles (Isère), a town near … Read more

The Confiance.ai industrial consortium wants to anticipate the AI ​​Act Computerworld

Green Fund local negotiation at the heart of change

Industrialists are stepping up to the plate with the Confiance.ai project. They want to meet the current needs of companies while betting on meeting the requirements of the future IA Act, a European regulation on the harmonization of standards in this area. Update on the progress of the program and the objectives to be achieved. … Read more

Fortinet targets SD-WAN and 5G with revamped AIOps support Computerworld

Fortinet targets SD WAN and 5G with revamped AIOps support Computerworld

Fortinet gear complements its FortiAIOps portfolio with WAN capabilities and AI operations support for wireless and LAN. With support for AI operations on its Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE gateways, Fortinet is empowering its customers to gain greater insight into the networks connecting their distributed assets and react faster to resolve issues. . The extension of … Read more

Christal Bemont, CEO Talend: “AI, crucial to democratize work on data” – Computerworld

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

After acquiring Gamma Soft and delivering the Spring ’22 version of its ETL suite, Talend integrates its tools into the AWS Redshift Serverless cloud service. As data work extends more to IT teams, it’s imperative to make ETL applications smarter, says Christal Bemont, CEO of Talend, in a chat with LMI. The French publisher Talend … Read more

52 experts on the European Commission’s AI council Computerworld

52 experts on the European Commissions AI council Computerworld

To resist the surge of AI frameworks from the United States and China (IBM, Microsoft, Google, AWS, Tencent, AliCloud…), the European Commission has appointed a panel of experts within its advisory council on the ‘IA. The last chance initiative? Artificial intelligence is now present in all strata of digital society, but the main solutions consumed … Read more

French engineering struggles to recruit its IT skills Computerworld

French engineering struggles to recruit its IT skills Computerworld

In its annual national survey on the socio-professional integration of engineers, the Society of Engineers and Scientists of France (IESF) notes a rebound in recruitment in the software and IT services professions. However, the scarcity of certain expert profiles complicates hiring, as do the high salary expectations of cybersecurity specialists and AI professionals. The Society … Read more