La Russie a lanc des campagnes de cyberespionnage contre les allis de l’Ukraine et Microsoft, une exception frappante est l’Estonie, rsultat attribu l’adoption par l’Estonie du cloud computing

La Russie a lance des campagnes de cyberespionnage contre les

L’arme russe a franchi la frontire ukrainienne le 24 fvrier 2022, avec une combinaison de troupes, de chars, d’avions et de missiles de croisire. Mais les premiers coups de feu ont en fait t tirs quelques heures auparavant, alors que le calendrier indiquait encore le 23 fvrier. Il s’agissait d’une cyber-arme appele “Foxblade”, lance contre … Read more

Exploring the potential of memristors for quantum computing and artificial intelligence

Exploring the potential of memristors for quantum computing and artificial

Yann Beilliard and Dominique Drouin, teachers to Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering, and members of the Quantum Institute of UdeS.Photo: Michel Caron – UdeS Although the term biomimicry only made its way into Le Robert in 1975, the process has been in use for much longer. “Learn from … Read more

Datacenters : L’Edge Computing se développe dans l’industrie

Datacenters LEdge Computing se developpe dans lindustrie

Les transformations numériques de l’Industrie 4.0 portent le développement du Edge Computing comme dans l’usine Schneider Electric du Vaudreil. © Schneider Electric Apparus à l’origine comme un simple complément au Cloud Computing, ces petits centres de données locaux (edge signifiant « à la périphérie ») se développent rapidement. Cette demande est portée par les besoins de l’industrie … Read more

OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

Quandela, a French company specializing in quantum computing, has announcement on June 14 the signing of a partnership with OVHcloud. The objective of this collaboration is to host the Perceval software suite, developed by Quandela, to enable manufacturers, developers and more broadly the scientific community to exploit all the benefits of quantum computing. The start-up … Read more

EKINOPS: SixSq unveils its “App Vendor Programme” for its B2B marketplace – A new step for Ekinops to materialize the advantages of Edge Computing

Geneva, June 9, 2022. – Ekinops (Euronext Paris – FR0011466069 – EKI), specialist in network access and virtualization, today announces the launch by its subsidiary SixSq, software publisher in SaaS mode (Software-as -a-Service) dedicated to Edge Computing,’s “App Vendor Programme” to accelerate the delivery and monetization of edge applications on its B2B marketplace. SixSq’s … Read more

SiPearl collaborates with NVIDIA on high performance computing (HPC)

SiPearl collaborates with NVIDIA on high performance computing HPC

“A strategic collaboration agreement with NVIDIA for joint technical and commercial developments”. SiPearl and NVIDIA announce their collaboration to provide “a joint offering combining SiPearl’s dedicated high-performance computing (HPC) microprocessors with NVIDIA’s portfolio of accelerated computing and networking solutions”. Credit: SiPearl Remember that SiPearl is the company that designs the microprocessor for European exascale supercomputers. … Read more

Exhibition: Intel, a new powerhouse of high-speed computing

A train of new processors with characteristics each more amazing than the next. In Dallas, on the occasion of its Intel Vision 2022 show, finally in person, Intel returned to the great hours of the IDF, this annual event hosted by Pat Gelsinger in the early 2000s and which drew attention each time. computing … Read more

Arvind Krishna unveils his plans for IBM, particularly in quantum computing, at Think 2022

On May 10 and 11, IBM’s Think Broadcast conference was held in Boston. This annual event, after two years of broadcasting in virtual form, this year physically welcomed business leaders, industry experts, AI players who came to discuss with IBM experts around the cloud. hybrid, cybersecurity, quantum computing, automation and significant technological advances. Arvind Krishna … Read more

Google launches a connected watch, which completes its vision of “ambient computing”

After smartphones, laptops or headsets, Google on Wednesday added a connected watch to its Pixel product line as part of a strategy to make its services accessible at all times on various devices. The Alphabet subsidiary had already developed operating software for connected watches from other brands, but this time designed and manufactured its own … Read more

What quantum computing will change in AI

What quantum computing will change in AI

The exponential increase in computing power that is taking shape opens up new perspectives in terms of machine learning. But without revolutionizing the concept. With the advent of the quantum computer, computing will enter a new era. This future generation of supercomputer will double the computing power with each new qubit (or quantum bit). The … Read more