An AI learns physics concepts like an infant discovering the world

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A new study is inspired by the theory of developmental psychology to teach an artificial intelligence some fundamentals of physics. Shared in the journal Nature, the study was conducted by a team of researchers from the company DeepMind. They created a program capable of learning simple physical rules about the behavior of objects. Learn “common … Read more

Social networks and privacy, two definitively irreconcilable concepts

Social networks and privacy two definitively irreconcilable concepts

On the occasion of the world day of social networks this Thursday, June 30, here is a little reminder of their good use in terms of privacy, for the 67% of French people who use them. As we know, the use of social networks is not without consequences. By writing comments, by publishing, by reacting, … Read more

Wacky but realistic camera concepts created by DALL E 2 AI

Wacky but realistic camera concepts created by DALL E 2

Create off-the-wall camera images from scratch… thanks to artificial intelligence. This is the very original challenge that Mathieu Stern set himself in a recent video. Thanks to a new AI system, called SLAB 2it becomes possible to create an image from a few words, to modify the style of a photo or a table, or … Read more