Best diplomats: Luvick Otoka represented Congo at the Dubai Congress

Best diplomats Luvick Otoka represented Congo at the Dubai Congress

Created in the United States of America, “Best Diplomats” is a simulation organization of the United Nations system consisting in instilling negotiation, leadership and diplomacy skills in young people. The theme this year was “Youth of today, leaders of tomorrow”. Indeed, the meeting brought together several young people from different countries. The Congolese representative, Luvick … Read more

Congo : lancement d’ARCAI, centre de recherche en intelligence artificielle à Brazzaville

Inauguré fin février par le premier ministre de la République du Congo, ARCAI, tout nouveau centre de recherche dédié à l’intelligence artificielle est installé dans les locaux de l’Université Kintélé, à Brazzaville, capitale du pays. Financé par la CEA, (Commission Economique pour l’Afrique) et ses partenaires, ce centre vise à « Permettre aux populations africaines … Read more

A pioneering pan-African center in the Congo to help the states of the continent develop artificial intelligence

The African continent now has a hub to support it in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The African Center for Research on Artificial Intelligence (ARCAI) was inaugurated on February 24, 2022 in Brazzaville, in the Congolese capital, where it is housed in the premises of Kintélé University. He is announced as the “very first” … Read more

Congo embarks on research in nuclear physics and nanotechnology – Sub-Saharan Africa

1650443770 Congo embarks on research in nuclear physics and nanotechnology

[BRAZZAVILLE] Saturday April 16, 2022 saw the inauguration of two laboratories in the physical sciences department of the National Institute for Research in Exact and Natural Sciences (IRSEN). These two laboratories devoted to applied physics are respectively the nuclear physics and applications unit and the nanomaterials and nanotechnology research unit. Edith Delphine Emmanuel, Minister of … Read more