Nathaniel Scher: “Virtual reality and the metaverse will have a considerable impact on health”

Nathaniel Scher Virtual reality and the metaverse will have a

Decision makers. What synergies exist between the H. Hartmann Institute of Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery and the Rafaël Institute, the post-cancer center? Nathaniel Scher. Concretely, while the Hartmann Institute practices conventional medicine, the Rafaël Institute offers integrative medicine. It thus combines traditional treatments, such as radiotherapy, with alternative practices such as art therapy. Thanks to this … Read more

Artificial Intelligence as a Service: Considerable Future Growth Estimated During 2022-2030

Version 2022 A Comprehensive Report on the LegalTech Artificial Intelligence

The most obvious way to grow the Artificial Intelligence as a Service market is to get more customers, strategic ways to reach other consumers or businesses are through industry research, creating sales support/channel, increasing customer interaction, attending networking events and forming strategic partnerships with other industries. Marketing AI as a service is selling your product … Read more