Atos signs a major contract with Siemens IT to support the company in its digital transformation

Atos signs a major contract with Siemens IT to support

Press release Atos signs a major contract with Siemens IT to support the company in its digital transformation Paris, France – the 21 november 2022 – Atos announces the signature of a major new contract with Siemens. Atos will ensure the provision of SIAM services and accelerate the digital transformation of Siemens. Atos will work … Read more

Orange Cyberdefense and CS Group win a major contract with the Ministry of the Armed Forces

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

(AOF) – Orange Cyberdefense, leader in cybersecurity services in Europe, and CS Group, a major player in the design, integration and operation of critical systems, have announced the winning of a four-year contract to ensure the security of information and communication systems for the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Amount of this contract, awarded by … Read more

The Direction Générale de l’Armement awards the Tornade contract to the scale-up Preligens

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

The Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) has just notified Preligens of a contract worth around 240 million euros over seven years. Named TORNADE (Optical and Radar Processing by Artificial Neurons via Detectors), it concerns the acquisition of software licenses for AI solutions for the processing and exploitation of large masses of data and will in … Read more

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

(AOF) – Atos has won a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for the migration of its SAP Core system to the public cloud. The initial duration of the contract, which covers funding processes, procurement and budget execution within the Ministry, is five years. It may be extended for another five … Read more

Google and Amazon workers protest their companies’ $1.2 billion AI contract with Israel

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

Workers said they fear Google and Amazon technology could be used to surveil Palestinians. Richard Nieva Hundreds of Google and Amazon workers staged protests across the country on Thursday to denounce the two tech giants’ cloud contracts with the Israeli government, over fears the military is using the technology to surveil Palestinians . – Advertising … Read more

Google, Amazon employees protest tech giants’ contract with Israel as worker activism escalates

Google Amazon employees protest tech giants contract with Israel as

Hundreds of Google and Amazon employees demonstrated Thursday outside the company’s offices in San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Durham, North Carolina, demanding that the tech giants end their contract $1.2 billion from Project Nimbus to provide Israel and its military with artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology. Some Google and Amazon workers believe the … Read more

Students and electricity contract, which offer to choose? » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

Being a student is often the big departure from the family cocoon. After finding the ideal accommodation, it’s time to start this new life alone! Between classes, friends and hobbies, you have to take the time to immerse yourself in administrative tasks as well. An imperative that can quickly turn the dream into a nightmare. … Read more

Massa Blockchain: The smart contract revolution?

Massa Blockchain The smart contract revolution

First developed in secret by three French researchers between 2017 and 2020, then made public 2 years ago, the Massa blockchain comes out of the shadows and stands out. It wants to disrupt the blockchain ecosystem with several groundbreaking innovations, including the very first smart contracts autonomous. Discover this new blockchain, which offers a new … Read more

Atos wins a 1.2 million euro contract with NATO

(AOF) – Atos announces today that it has been awarded a contract worth €1.2 million from the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) to install and configure cybersecurity systems essential to NATO activities, at 22 sites. This new contract includes the upgrade of two key cybersecurity systems as part of NATO’s resilience strategy: the … Read more

LEGISLATIVE: “We must sign a contract for new growth”, says Didier Martin

LEGISLATIVE We must sign a contract for new growth says

Invested by the presidential majority in the first constituency, Didier Martin held a meeting on Wednesday June 1 in an industrial building in Darois. The outgoing MP defended “a policy of support for investment, for innovation, for the jobs of tomorrow, for a low-carbon activity”. A meeting at Darois aerodrome for a campaign that is … Read more