VIDEO. Tourism and environment: a car counter to avoid saturation in the Pyrenees

VIDEO Tourism and environment a car counter to avoid saturation

Air and soil pollution, landscape degradation: preserving these natural sites has become a major issue. So how can we reconcile the pleasure of traveling while reducing our environmental footprint? Answer in this new issue of Reinventing yourself in New Aquitaine. Every year, more than 1 million visitors walk the trails of the Pyrenees. A figure … Read more

A psychological inoculation to counter “fake news”

A psychological inoculation to counter fake news

Excerpt from one of the five videos presenting the mechanisms of misinformation and manipulation. SCREENSHOT INOCULATION SCIENCE On August 31, astronaut Thomas Pesquet had to explain at length on Twitter that “Of course yes, humans went to the Moon during the Apollo missions”after his remarks were distorted by deniers of the conquest by man of … Read more

An algorithm to counter prying microphones

Have you ever felt like you were listened to? Many of us receive, after a discussion they have just had, advertisements that mysteriously stick with the conversation. Today, microphones are everywhere: smartphones, computers, watches, voice assistants, etc. To overcome this intrusive listening, a team of three machine learning specialists from Columbia University has developed an … Read more