These paintings of Lyon were created by an artificial intelligence – Lyon Capitale

1664156548 These paintings of Lyon were created by an artificial intelligence

Lyon by MidJourney in the style of Gustav Klimt. For fun, a Lyonnais had AI software generate images of the city in the style of renowned artists or known aesthetic styles. The result is stunning. It is out of simple curiosity that this web developer, who presents himself on social networks under the pseudonym of … Read more

We Created These Ten Paintings Using Only Artificial Intelligence

We Created These Ten Paintings Using Only Artificial Intelligence

From Midjourney to Crayion, every AI system we tried has a number of free trials. Each program gave its own personal interpretation to the text. Producing works with artificial intelligence is a bit like cooking carbonara. Everyone knows how to do it, some are very successful. The first steps are intuitive even for beginners, you … Read more

What is Loab, this disturbing face created by an AI? – CNET France

What is Loab this disturbing face created by an AI

Are there ghosts in our computers? Of course not, but a recent viral Twitter thread might make it seem like something sinister is lurking behind our screens just waiting to be unleashed. On September 6, the Internet discovered “ Loab “, a “woman” apparently generated by an artificial intelligence (AI). ” prime latent space cryptic … Read more

The true from the false: these photos of ultra-realistic landscapes were created from scratch by an AI

The true from the false these photos of ultra realistic landscapes

The creation of photorealistic images ex nihilo by artificial intelligence make great strides. And it’s not Aurel Manea who will tell you otherwise. Using a new solution named Stable Spread – competitor of Dall- E 2 – the Bulgarian photographer has generated no less than 1200 “landscape photos” more real than life. A point that … Read more

An artificial intelligence created to “Westernize” the accent of call center employees

We finally know who was responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077

To “avoid discrimination”, Sanas offers employees to mask their accent using artificial intelligence. A disturbing practice. In Silicon Valley, the young company Sanas has developed an artificial intelligence with the aim of “Westernizing” the accents, reports, this Thursday, August 25, the british daily The Guardian. The device is particularly aimed at call centers in Africa … Read more

Wacky but realistic camera concepts created by DALL E 2 AI

Wacky but realistic camera concepts created by DALL E 2

Create off-the-wall camera images from scratch… thanks to artificial intelligence. This is the very original challenge that Mathieu Stern set himself in a recent video. Thanks to a new AI system, called SLAB 2it becomes possible to create an image from a few words, to modify the style of a photo or a table, or … Read more

Created a living skin with human cells to cover the robots – it also has self-healing abilities

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created living skin to cover robots made from human cells. It is made up of collagen, fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Japanese scientists in the lab have created a living skin to cover the robots, made up of human cells grown in a dish. The researchers’ goal is to develop … Read more

In Portugal, Capgemini has created engineering centers serving smart industry

Four sites, more than 3,000 employees of 50 different nationalities, innovations on the fronts of 5G or even artificial intelligence. Present for nearly twenty-five years in Portugal, the Capgemini group is established there in Lisbon, Porto, Fundão and Evora, with centers dedicated to its engineering activities in the first three localities. “Hubs” where in-house engineers … Read more