Artificial intelligence: these new software capable of creating images from texts

Artificial intelligence these new software capable of creating images from

Image created by Dall E 2 software, based on the written request “shiba dog in a firefighter’s outfit” and published in the Platformer newsletter, by digital journalist Casey Newton. OPEN AI “It’s been a few years since I’ve seen some nascent technology that makes you want to call your friends and say, ‘You need to … Read more

Inspired by fireflies, researchers are creating insect-scale robots that can emit light as they fly, enabling movement tracking and communication

The fireflies that light up dark backyards on warm summer evenings use their luminescence to communicate – to attract a mate, ward off predators or attract prey. These twinkling insects also sparked inspiration from MIT scientists. Inspired by nature, they built light-emitting flexible artificial muscles for insect-scale flying robots. The tiny artificial muscles that control … Read more

Creating an AI that acts more humanely by “knowing that it knows” – Artificial intelligence and robotics news

A research group from the Graduate School of Informatics at Nagoya University has taken a big step towards creating a neural network with metamemory through a computerized evolution experiment. In recent years, rapid progress has been made in the design of artificial intelligence technology using neural networks that mimic brain circuits. One of the goals … Read more

Postly, the complete and collaborative tool for creating, programming and publishing content on social networks

Postly the complete and collaborative tool for creating programming and

Managing a company’s social networks takes a lot of time. You have to rack your brains to come up with an idea for content, schedule it on several social platforms and analyze the impact. To simplify this daily task, there are social media management tools. Among them, Postly. It offers the ability to design and … Read more

Microsoft will launch an AI capable of creating quasi-autonomous applications

Microsoft will launch an AI capable of creating quasi autonomous applications

Microsoft is developing a system that allows artificial intelligence to create apps and other software without human intervention. Microsoft will launch an AI capable of developing applications almost autonomously Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella began Microsoft’s two-day virtual developer conference, Microsoft Build, with a brief mention of the global recession. The entire keynote was devoted to … Read more

Digital identity: the French State is creating a service to facilitate identification (SGIN). -VITA Alliance

Digital identity the French State is creating a service to

The words ” Numeric identity cover several realities. There is what the person declares himself, it is the identity declarative which can be a name or nickname used on digital applications. There is what others can perceive and infer from the person’s digital interactions. We are talking about identity calculatedfor example via algorithms, and identity … Read more

A Belgian participates in creating “air taxis” in Silicon Valley: they will be piloted by artificial intelligence (photos)

A Belgian participates in creating air taxis in Silicon Valley

Small electric planes, piloted by artificial intelligence, which cross over cities, to take their passengers from one “vertiport” to another, this is the science fiction setting that Silicon Valley promises from here. only ten years. “We will see the emergence of networks of electric, regional or long-distance air taxis. The landscape will change a lot“, … Read more

A Bulgarian professor realizes his dream of creating a world-class center of technological excellence

In April, Sofia hosted theINSAIT, a new institute dedicated to computer science, artificial intelligence (AI) and technology which aims to develop a world-class research center, retain talent in Bulgaria and attract leading international scientists by offering research facilities and internationally competitive compensation. The idea behind the INSAIT project is to address the sector’s current shortcomings … Read more

“We are (all) Marianne”: creating the French woman thanks to artificial intelligence

We are all Marianne creating the French woman thanks to

It is a tradition in France: each president chooses his “Marianne”, symbol of the French Republic which will then appear on the postage stamps. For the next five years, the Obvious collective, which uses AI to create works of art, is considering a new Marianne more representative of the French: it asks all women who … Read more

An artificial intelligence capable of creating and operating a computer!

An artificial intelligence capable of creating and operating a computer

American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have just published in arXiv the results of their work on artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks. They created a new programming language to mimic the logic circuits of a standard computer within a neural network so that it becomes capable of running a program. This artificial network … Read more