Credit: the excesses linked to artificial intelligence in the sights of the European Union

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

People who apply for credit do not always know it, but their file is often filtered by an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm which assesses their risk of default. Of course, if this risk is low, credit will be more easily granted. “Today, all granting models are based on regressions which are typically data learning algorithms”, … Read more

Crédit Agricole wants to become a bank where digital is augmented by people

Credit Agricole wants to become a bank where digital is

Are we going towards the end of the mantra where artificial intelligence and digital serve to transform the employee into an augmented employee? Crédit Agricole announces a future where it is digital that is augmented by humans. Advisors must be on the understanding of customers This is what Jean-Paul Mazoyer, Deputy Managing Director of Crédit … Read more

Eric Caen (Crédit Agricole): “Crédit Agricole aims to increase to 15% of sales in total self-care by 2025, against 5% today”

Eric Caen Credit Agricole Credit Agricole aims to increase to

Twenty billion euros is the budget devoted to Crédit Agricole’s digital development over the next three years. Eric Caen, chief digital officer of the group, talks to us about the results and prospects. Eric Caen, chief digital officer at Crédit Agricole. © Credit Agricole JDN. The D-Rating agency awarded Crédit Agricole a triple B for … Read more

Mastercard, Visa and the end of credit cards

Hailed by merchants who are increasingly reluctant to assume the transaction fees they impose on them, Visa and Mastercard hope to save the day by presenting themselves these days as the best bulwark against bank fraud, while preparing the ground for the pure and simple disappearance of the credit card. Visa and Mastercard will pay … Read more

How to manage fraud in the processing of credit applications?

How to manage fraud in the processing of credit applications

Credit fraud attempts are increasingly sophisticated and undetectable by humans. Bleckwen relies on AI and machine learning to detect them faster. Fraud and credit application processing: an endemic phenomenon Many organizations must rely on a file processing system on a daily basis to carry out their activity: The loans to individuals and businesses are arousing … Read more

Market: Climate, metaverse… Here are the six super-trends of tomorrow to play for Credit Suisse

(BFM Bourse) – While it is very difficult to predict the future, it is however possible to identify future trends in certain sectors of activity. Credit Suisse has identified six investment “super-trends” for the coming years. The document titled “Supertrends 2022” offers investors long-term opportunities in sectors that are expected to see strong growth. Five … Read more

Mastercard and Microsoft team up to fight credit card fraud

Cyberattacks involving credit cards are the most numerous. To counter them, Mastercard and Microsoft have decided to join forces: Mastercard’s Digital Transaction Insights will include Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This partnership announced on April 25 aims to improve the online shopping experience and fight against digital fraud. Online sales continue … Read more