Screening, support, cure… new technologies are tracking Alzheimer’s disease

Screening support cure new technologies are tracking Alzheimers disease

This Wednesday is World Alzheimer’s Day. Technology has a huge role to play, whether it’s detecting the disease as quickly as possible or supporting patients. Detect, support or even treat. The technology shows promise for Alzheimer’s disease. First to screen quickly if possible. Objective: to delay the development of the disease. It is estimated that … Read more

In Nice, Dr Pagès has created a drug to “cure” kidney cancer

A drug to treat metastatic kidney cancer, still incurable? This idea sprang up in 2008 “on the edge of the lab bench” from Dr Gilles Pagès, now director of research at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) first class and team leader within from the Cancer and Aging Institute (Ircan) in Nice. … Read more

Binder | Better to maintain than cure

Binder Better to maintain than cure

The innovation: A cloud computing platform based on artificial intelligence to organize and plan the maintenance of equipment in the factory. The result: equipment uptime doubled. Posted at 11:00 a.m. Karim Benessaieh The Press Who ? Binder is two longtime friends, Gabriel Lalonde-Francœur and Fabrice Latour, who attended Cégep de Saint-Laurent together and then the … Read more