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Thinking in silos What could be more frustrating for a user than having to repeat to each interlocutor the subject of his call? Yet many companies still operate in silos with each channel managed independently of the others. This silotage can be linked to the communication channel. For example, if a customer contacts an agent … Read more

CRM: best practices to better control your customer data

CRM best practices to better control your customer data

Arnaud Bellamy, co-founder of SpringFive After training in a business school, Arnaud worked in several international consulting companies. In 2015, he became – with 4 other partners – co-founder of SpringFivea consulting company specializing in the implementation of Salesforce solutions, consulting and auditing in customer relationship management, integration of personalized CRM solutions. Mastery of data … Read more

What future for human interaction in the customer relationship? -Forbes France

Huawei Meets With DWTC GM To Discuss GITEX

The pandemics that we have just experienced have resolutely accelerated the digital transformation of companies. They revealed new uses both among consumers, who are more inclined to interact and order remotely, and within customer services who had to quickly – often thanks to SaaS – adapt their customer journeys. While voice remains the preferred channel … Read more

Create a seamless customer experience across all channels | Advise

Aude satellites in the face of floods

Institutions that stand out in this area are implementing an omnichannel customer experience, from web and mobile to call center and branch, where the customer can start an interaction on one channel and complete it seamlessly in another channel, the firm found. To succeed in a digital transformation process, the fintech advises to start by … Read more

Edge Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip Market Customer | Geographical landscape 2022-2030 | Rockchip, MediaTek, Alphabet Inc. –

Edge Global Artificial Intelligence AI Chip Market Customer Geographical

The hot new research in the global chip market Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2022 is known to be an insightful analysis on a wide range of factors including Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chips industry share, demand valuation, revenue sales, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Edge Chips and meanwhile study a detailed estimate during the forecast period 2022 … Read more

AI at the service of a positive and privacy-respecting customer experience

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, and the next few years will see tangible benefits for businesses and the way they operate. The many discussions about the possibilities offered by AI are beginning to bear fruit. We are at a technological turning point where companies are considering implementing these solutions to automate production pipelines. machine … Read more

Do humor and brands go hand in hand in the customer experience?

Humor, everywhere, must be handled with parsimony. In the right context. At a good place. With the right people. Sometimes. So there’s no reason why brands shouldn’t also be a little wary, in practice, when interacting with their customers. This is one of the objects of the global study conducted by Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer … Read more

Freshworks: From Customer Support to Customer Experience (CX)

Freshworks From Customer Support to Customer Experience CX

Born in SaaS twelve years ago and listed on the Nasdaq (500 employees, 50,000 customers, $400 million in turnover), the Indian Freshworks (ex-Freshdesk) is now rubbing shoulders with the CX and marketing automation. Historically, Freshworks’ first pillar has been customer support, a segment covered with the Freshdesk app. But like its competitors, the SaaS … Read more

Accor’s digital journey at the service of the customer

Two years of health crisis, with a loss of 2 billion euros for the year 2020 alone. Customers who consume, smartphone in hand, waiting for new proposals. Without forgetting the ecological transition which also invites itself in hotel rooms. It was enough for Accor (which has more than 5,300 establishments in 110 countries) to accelerate … Read more

Hérault – Five tips for getting a response to your customer complaint on Twitter

Herault Five tips for getting a response to your

About three quarters of negative tweets sent to telecom operators go unanswered. Lukasbieri/Pixabay, CC BY-SA Matthijs Meire, IÉSEG School of Management and Steven Hoornaert, IÉSEG School of Management An undelivered package, a blocked bank account, a disconnection from the Internet service… The increased digitization of services is accompanied by an increase in customer complaints. For … Read more