Cybersecurity, or how to fight effectively thanks to artificial intelligence – Forbes France

Cybersecurity or how to fight effectively thanks to artificial intelligence

Faced with the multiplication of attacks carried out by hackers targeting their information systems from the Internet, companies are trying to cope as best they can by acquiring new technological means to protect themselves against this scourge. AI and machine learning applications can offer an answer by detecting malicious agents infiltrating organizations’ IT systems. The … Read more

Cybersecurity: how the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are preparing

“Like the athletes who will be at the Games, we are preparing”, explained Franz Regul, the head of cybersecurity within the organizing committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Accompanied by experts from Atos and Cisco, partners of the event, everyone is already on the bridge to ensure the security of the network and the … Read more

Proximus sets up its cybersecurity and AI subsidiary at BeCentral

Photonics is a key technology that Europe cannot afford to

October 03, 2022 Today at 19:05 The country’s leading operator has chosen to set up its new subsidiary dedicated to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, Ada, at BeCentral, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the BeCentral digital campus has not done things by halves. He offered himself a royal visit which … Read more

Google Cloud Expands Its Cybersecurity And Automation Capabilities Tech Tribune France

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

Google LLC’s cloud business on Thursday Makes its debut new features that will make it easier for businesses to secure and manage their cloud environments. The first new feature, Workforce Identity Federation, is rolling out for the Google Cloud IAM service. Google Cloud IAM allows companies to centrally manage which employees can access which component … Read more

Cybersecurity in full swing

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

This text is part of the special section Higher Education Telecommuting, online services, artificial intelligence, data protection, risks of cyberattacks… The place taken by technological tools in our lives is significant, and comes with its share of new challenges. While Gatineau wants to position itself as a leader in cybersecurity and the field is booming … Read more

Atos does not respond to a 4.2 billion euros offer for Evidian (cybersecurity)

Photonics is a key technology that Europe cannot afford to

(AOF) – Following market rumours, Atos confirmed on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 that it had received an unsolicited letter of intent from Onepoint, associated with the Anglo-Saxon investment fund ICG, relating to a potential acquisition of the perimeter ‘ Evidian’ for an enterprise value of 4.2 billion euros. Evidian is present in digital transformation, big … Read more

YeS Sales & Management and Board of Cyber ​​join forces for the cybersecurity of SMEs in Luxembourg

YeS Sales Management and Board of Cyber ​​join forces

The Luxembourg company YeS provides its clients with commercial, marketing, technological and HR services to establish themselves in the Grand Duchy and develop their commercial activities. Faced with the intensification of cybercrime, YeS now offers a complete cybersecurity offer to meet all of its customers’ needs (Audit, Penetration Test, CISO as a service, Training, Continuity … Read more

Budget 2023: cybersecurity at the heart of the State’s digital investments

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

The government presented its finance bill for 2023 on Monday. A budget that gives pride of place to security and defence, the Ministry of the Interior and that of Defense gaining 3,109 and 1,583 additional civil servant jobs respectively. . This is also found in digital. More means for the fight against cybercrime The PLF … Read more

IT & cybersecurity, winners of a tight job market

IT cybersecurity winners of a tight job market

Between unprecedented inflationary context, shortage of skills and energy crisis on the horizon, the job market promises to be tense in 2023! The PageGroup compensation study provides a detailed portrait of future trends, with a particular focus on the very dynamic sectors of IT and cybersecurity. The shortage of IT candidates is already significant. In … Read more

The frightening future of the internet: what if the worst is ahead of us when it comes to cybersecurity?

The frightening future of the internet what if the worst

While the internet has undoubtedly brought many benefits, it has also created new problems as cybercriminals seek to exploit our seemingly ever-increasing dependence on information systems. From phishing emails, malware and ransomware, to stealing your bank details, passwords and other personal information, the internet has indeed provided malicious hackers with new ways to make money … Read more