How to properly articulate Data Lake and CDP to improve the customer experience?

How to properly articulate Data Lake and CDP to improve

Over the past 5 years, the emergence of Customer Data Platforms has taken place in a context previously marked by that of data lakes. How can these two data architectures now be reconciled within a more mature and operational decision-making system? The 2010s: The deployment of data lakes Data lakes allow … Read more

Exploiting data through AI is not only a profitability issue

Exploiting data through AI is not only a profitability issue

Technologies March 25, 2022 Cloudera’s study confirms that AI, ML and analytical technologies are transforming the work of knowledge, a finding to which organizations must adapt through training. Data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies respond to issues that go beyond simple questions of productivity and profitability, as underlined by a study carried out by the … Read more

CNIL annual report: data breach notifications soar in 2021 Computerworld

The Cnil delivered the annual report of its activities highlighting various elements. Complaints hit record highs in 2021, as did data breach notifications related to cyberattacks. The regulator also intends to continue its support and educational role around the GDPR and other subjects. After two years of remote presentation, pandemic obliges, Marie-Laure Denis, the president … Read more

Docaposte acquires an AI and data center comprising 400 experts Computerworld

Known for its digital trust component, Docaposte is expanding its range of activities by creating a center of expertise in data and artificial intelligence. No less than 400 experts will support customers in this area. Docaposte joins forces with Openvalue and Probayes to create a center of expertise in data and artificial intelligence bringing together … Read more

Artificial intelligence in agriculture: for the collection of precise and valuable data – La Nouvelle Union et L’Avenir de l’Érable

Artificial intelligence in agriculture for the collection of precise and

Updata, a company based in Victoriaville, carries out artificial intelligence (AI) projects in various fields. Among them, agriculture where technological advances make it possible to go further by collecting extremely precise data, in order to improve the performance of the farm and help in decision-making. André Baillargeon, business development manager, and Maor Zaltzhendler, CEO of … Read more

Hives soon to be “optimized” thanks to data and models?

Hives soon to be optimized thanks to data and models

Bees make a significant contribution to biodiversity. Pollination is indeed an essential step in the life cycle of plants, and bees contribute fully to it. However, the threats that weigh today on biodiversity herald the disappearance of pollinating insects, and in particular that of honey bees (such as theApis mellifera residing in Europe). This disappearance … Read more

Data governance: the 7 challenges of an innovation machine

1 – Involve the businesses to motivate them Customer data, industrial and business information, financial data, etc. : in an organization, the data are numerous and are constantly increasing with digital technology. Their common point: they are the property of a business function or a support function. If historically certain data is shared between the … Read more

Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots Market Research Data Collection With Record Exponential CAGR 2022-2029 – Gabonflash

the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots market has its complete summary provided in such a template that reading is enough to get the gist of the basic information mentioned in the report. Factors such as product distribution, product demand, financial growth, growth benefits, business flexibility and other applications are all provided in the report in detail … Read more

Data, artificial intelligence: predictive maintenance on board ships

Data artificial intelligence predictive maintenance on board ships

@Luke Bender Passionate about sailing and new technologies, Nicolas De Laet merged the company Sailsense in 2017 with Yannick Vereerstraeten after a crossing of the Atlantic rich in adventures and ideas. Specialized in predictive maintenance, the company equips boats with sensors and analyzes the data in order to make them more reliable and less expensive. … Read more