Davos: how to achieve the century of Africa?

Davos how to achieve the century of Africa

SAN FRANCISCO: Netflix now has 230.75 million paid subscribers, significantly exceeding its forecast and market expectations for the last quarter, and turning the page on a very difficult 2022 for the streaming service. The platform gained 7.66 million new subscribers between October and December, much more than expected, according to its earnings release released on … Read more

Davos: Geopolitical instability increases risk of ‘catastrophic cyberattack’

Davos Geopolitical instability increases risk of catastrophic cyberattack

DAVOS: The risk of catastrophic cyberattacks is skyrocketing due to geopolitical instability, according to a report released Wednesday at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. More than 93% of cybersecurity experts and 86% of business leaders surveyed for the report believe that “a large-scale catastrophic cyber event is likely within the … Read more

Davos: António Guterres evokes a “morally bankrupt financial system”

1674089783 Davos Antonio Guterres evokes a morally bankrupt financial system

Welcome > International > World UN Secretary-General calls for urgent action as world faces ‘Category 5 storm’ Thursday, January 19, 2023 At the World Economic Forum yesterday in Davos, António Guterres, UN Secretary General, called on world leaders to come up with credible and transparent transition plans to achieve net zero CO2 emissions. He supports … Read more

Davos 2023 : Les PDG parlent de l’IA de type ChatGPT au Forum conomique mondial

Davos 2023 Les PDG parlent de lIA de type

L’intelligence artificielle gnrative, une technologie capable d’inventer pratiquement n’importe quel contenu que quelqu’un peut imaginer et taper dans une bote de texte, suscite non seulement des investissements dans la Silicon Valley mais aussi de l’intrt Davos, lors de la runion annuelle du Forum conomique mondial cette semaine. La catgorie la plus connue est ChatGPT, un … Read more

Davos: Ethics should be preserved in the world of artificial intelligence in the future

PARIS: A cryptocurrency whose price suddenly jumps before falling: speculators, organized in groups, no longer hesitate to launch lightning operations to artificially inflate the value of these highly volatile digital assets and quickly reap profits. In mid-May, an obscure cryptocurrency, the Enzyme, went from 30 to 74 dollars in a few minutes, with a very … Read more