You didn’t know it but the internet has been dead since 2016

Drone 20 strategy creating a large scale European drone market

News JVTech You didn’t know it but the internet has been dead since 2016 Published on 24/12/2022 at 15:15 You had no idea, and yet it is very true. The Internet died in 2016. Finally, this is announced by a conspiracy theory that highlights Artificial intelligence, bots, influencers and manipulations! The internet died in 2016 … Read more

When AI makes it possible to interact with the dead, especially Holocaust survivors

When AI makes it possible to interact with the dead

Marina Helen Smith, British Holocaust activist and co-founder of the National Holocaust Center and Museum in Laxton, Nottinghamshire, England, a devout Christian, died last June at the age of 87. At her funeral, she is “come back to life” thanks to artificial intelligence, thus allowing a kind of interaction post mortem with his relatives, the … Read more

NFTs are dead, long live crypto-art! – The Daily Art

NFTs are dead long live crypto art The Daily Art

While the NFT market is in decline, crypto art players continue to believe in it, and decline the creative possibilities. Between the fall in cryptocurrency prices, the drop in the volume of sales of platforms like OpenSea (which have lost more than 90% compared to their highs of a few months ago), and the countless … Read more

Campfire proves chatbots aren’t dead

Campfire proves chatbots arent dead

September 07, 2022 Today at 04:00 Anti-harassment tools, spotting trolls and fraud, Campfire makes chatbots smart. From Salt Lake City to the largest operator in the country, the young Belgian shooter is hitting the mark. Automated conversational tools like chatbots have had bad press after several examples of solutions that are too basic and not … Read more

Syria: four dead in a Turkish drone attack in the northeast

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

CASABLANCA: After a record campaign in 2021 which saw cereal production record an exceptional performance of 103.2 quintals, Morocco had to deal with largely unfavorable rainfall. The country is experiencing its worst drought in thirty years. With rainfall that reached 199 millimeters at the end of May 2022, Morocco was only able to produce 34 … Read more

Amazon wants to make the dead speak… and other innovations go even further

Amazon is working on a rather surprising, even disturbing innovation. A voice assistant capable of imitating the voice of a missing person and giving us the illusion that they are still there. It’s an innovation that many will probably consider quite sinister, unveiled this week at the major Re:Mars conference, where Amazon showcases its craziest … Read more

“The line between the living and the dead is blurring”

How does digital affect the grieving process? What ambiguities between life and death are created by the Internet? In the third and final part of our dossier on death in the digital age, sociologist Hélène Bourdeloie sheds light on this taboo subject. Hélène Bourdeloie is a lecturer in information and communication sciences at the Sorbonne … Read more