Decarbonization is also a business affair

1674315032 Decarbonization is also a business affair

Already on all fronts since the pandemic, and then the labor shortage resulting in part from the economic recovery, business leaders, human resources directors and specialists in social and environmental responsibility (CSR) are now facing a new crisis. That of soaring energy prices and consumer prices, with the corollary of the need to increase wages … Read more

ARAMON From industry to agriculture, on the path to ecological transition and decarbonization

ARAMON From industry to agriculture on the path to ecological

La CleanTech Vallée launched the fourth season of its CleanTech Booster acceleration program at the end of last year. Eight start-ups have been selected to form the new promotion. The CleanTech Vallée was created in 2019, i.e. three years after the closure of the Aramon oil-fired power plant, on the initiative of EDF and a … Read more

METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS, and AWS launch “Decarb Fast Track”, an unprecedented European program to promote the decarbonization of industry and sobriety through energy savings – BNP Paribas

Atos largest drop in the SBF 120 at mid session on

Paris, November 23, 2022 – The companies METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launch the “Decarb Fast Track” program, jointly designed to facilitate access for industrial groups energy management and optimization tools. The ambition of this program is to save up to 100,000 tonnes of CO2 in equipping 100 selected industrial companies … Read more

Decarbonization: a wind of innovation is blowing through boating

Decarbonization a wind of innovation is blowing through boating

La Rochelle, France | AFP | Friday 29/09/2022 – “Wind engine”, kitesurfing wing to help with propulsion, electronic box to reduce CO2 emissions: exhibitors compete in inventiveness to reduce the carbon footprint of ships at the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle, but investors are not always there. Since 2019, the innovation area of ​​the international … Read more

Decarbonization, sovereignty, jobs: the challenges of the blue economy in the South

Towards a GDPR future in the United States

30 billion euros. This is the estimated weight of the maritime sector in the South region, excluding tourism. 120,000 is approximately the number of jobs that make it up, still excluding tourism, according to INSEE figures dated 2017. Both place Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur as the first maritime region of France. Admittedly, the recent and … Read more

Kayrros bets on satellite imagery to accelerate decarbonization

It is a major contributor to global warming and it has recently become an essential subject in the fight against climate change: methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas, is the source of polluting emissions massive, in particular by the oil industry, according to a recent study carried out by CNRS, the CEA and the start-up … Read more