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Explainable AI provides an understanding of the workings of artificial intelligence and its usefulness in various sectors. It sheds light on and accepts the use of AI by humans. More precisely, it helps to understand how a computer program arrived at such and such a decision. Most companies use artificial intelligence to speed up decision-making. … Read more

Understanding the Stellar Decision-Making System FinSMEs

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

The Stellar Decision-Making System is a new computer-based decision-making system that enables businesses to make faster and more accurate decisions. It is based on an artificial intelligence engine that analyzes the data provided by users in real time and produces more accurate and faster results than traditional decision-making systems. This system is very useful for … Read more

With the capacity to process 100 billion interactions per day, Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud and Tableau accelerate business decision-making

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management solutions, announces the integration of Tableau with Genie Customer Data Cloud, the data management platform unveiled at Dreamforce in September 2022. The integration aims to help businesses better understand and leverage all of their real-time data to accelerate decision-making. Now companies can use Tableau to analyze billions … Read more

Organizations don’t trust AI enough to give up human decision-making

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

Fivetran announced survey results showing that while 87% of organizations view artificial intelligence (AI) as vital to the survival of their business, 86% say they will struggle to fully trust AI to make all business decisions without human intervention. 90% of respondents say their organizations continue to rely on manual data processes. Conducted by Vanson … Read more

Health tech: Kaduceo is now focusing on decision-making support

Change of strategy for Kaduceo. The Toulouse startup is reviewing its approach to the market for care establishments, nursing homes and nursing homes. Founded in 2014, the young company has until now offered a software platform to enable these structures to optimize the patient journey. “But the product has never really caught on the market … Read more

Claims management: a valuable decision-making aid

Shift Technology supports insurers in managing their claims management process end-to-end, from declaration to payment. Also available in modules, the solution consists of Claims Intake Decisions and Claims Document Decisions, two complementary decision support tools to optimize and automate claims reporting and management. Claims Intake Decisions in a nutshellThis is a solution designed with insurers … Read more

Interview | How Shift Technology intends to optimize decision-making for insurers through data

Can you introduce Shift Technology? Shift Technology is a company founded in Paris by Jeremy Jawish, David Durrleman and myself in 2013. The company provides the insurance industry with decision automation and optimization technology based on artificial intelligence and data science. . The technology helps insurers in particular to detect fraud and opportunities for recourse … Read more

Artificial intelligence as a management and decision-making tool for the education network

Artificial intelligence as a management and decision making tool for the.jpgnocache1

In recent years, information about school enrollment has been lacking in the education network. Similarly, the lack of student data can limit dropout prevention. These findings lead the Quebec government to invest $10.6 million in the implementation of new management and decision-making tools, supported by artificial intelligence. Education Minister Jean-François Roberge made the announcement last … Read more