Intel’s deepfake detector is 96% accurate…for now

Intels deepfake detector is 96 accuratefor now

FakeCatcher is showing impressive performance, but new tricks will have to be found to counter future advances in deepfakes. With the current rise of artificial intelligence, deepfakes – those artificial intelligence-based digital tricks that replace a celebrity’s voice or face in a video or audio clip – represent a legitimate cause for concern; they are … Read more

L’acteur Bruce Willis devient la premire clbrit vendre son visage une firme spcialise en deepfake et ravive les dbats autour de la synthse d’images base sur l’IA

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

Lacteur Bruce Willis devient la premire clbrit vendre son visage une firme spcialise en deepfake. La manuvre intervient dans un contexte de controverse autour de cette technique de synthse dimages base sur lintelligence artificielle. En effet, les deepfakes sont cits comme tant une des applications dangereuses de lIA. Mme le terme vidotox qui est la … Read more

Deepware: how to analyze and detect deepfake videos

Deepware how to analyze and detect deepfake videos

You wish know if a video is faked ? If it is a deepfake? Discover Deepwarean online tool that allows you to analyze and detect deepfake videos. To learn more about this tool and how it works, I invite you to continue reading this article. What is Deepfake? Deepfake is an artificial intelligence-based technology that … Read more

Scammer Runs Crypto Scam With Elon Musk Deepfake

It’s going to take a lot more convincing than that to fool the entire internet… but AI is advancing at high speed and it may only be a matter of time. So far, deepfakes have yet to spark the misinformation apocalypse that some observers anticipated when the technology exploded. But some tech-savvy scammers continue to … Read more

The “deepfake” version Ardisson

The deepfake version Ardisson

Lesearcher Seth Dobrin oversees artificial intelligence at IBM. If he is passionate about his field, “which makes it possible to increase the human being”he considers as one of the main dangers of artificial intelligence the ” deepfakes suffered ». the deepfake ? It is a life-size video manipulation, whose name comes from the contraction of … Read more

Dalida in deepfake at Thierry Ardisson

The current trend is towards the metaverse and the representation of real people in virtual universes. But there is also artificial intelligence and its uses on the image. We told you about Jasper Ai artificial intelligence that allows content to be written, but there is also video processing and deepfakes that can be produced with … Read more

1651736816 Des chercheurs developpent une IA capable de detecter les videos

Les progrs des logiciels de montage vido ont facilit la production de vidos “deepfake”. Il existe principalement deux types de vidos “deepfake”, l’une o ce que dit la personne est manipul en intervertissant les expressions faciales, et l’autre o l’identit de la personne est intervertie. Des informaticiens ont mis au point une technique permettant de … Read more

Artificial intelligence: with the “deepfake”, how to make anyone say anything

Artificial intelligence with the deepfake how to make anyone say

Hollywood fans see the result: Princess Leia rejuvenated in Star Wars or the heartbreaking farewell of the late Paul Walker in Fast and Furious. the “deepfake”, which uses artificial intelligence to digitally manipulate images, is making its way onto large and small screens. In 2020, the French series More beautiful life used it to integrate … Read more