Le FBI affirme que des personnes utilisent des deepfakes pour postuler des emplois distance, les imposteurs auraient pour but de voler les donnes sensibles des entreprises

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

Le Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a signal mardi travers sa division Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) qu’il a reu de nombreuses plaintes de personnes utilisant des informations voles et des vidos et voix truques pour postuler des emplois distance. L’agence amricaine a prcis que les emplois distance viss comprennent des postes dans le domaine … Read more

Deepfakes: the European Union orders Facebook, Twitter and Google to go on the offensive

News hardware Deepfakes: the European Union orders Facebook, Twitter and Google to go on the offensive Published on 06/15/2022 at 14:45 A few years ago, we only talked about fake news. Today, we are worried about deepfakes: doctored videos, more real than life, which make anyone say anything, and which, once posted on the Internet, … Read more

EU to force Google, Facebook and Twitter to fight deepfakes

The European Commission is expected to publish a new version of its code of practice on disinformation on Thursday June 16. Deepfakes are among the examples of manipulative behavior that the EU wants to tackle. Very worrying by its nature and extent, disinformation on social networks is becoming increasingly difficult to detect. And deepfakes help … Read more

Artificial intelligence: Google bans AI that generates deepfakes

Google has banned the training of AI systems that can be used to generate deepfakes on its Google Colaboratory platform. The updated terms of service, spotted over the weekend by BleepingComputer, include works related to deepfakes in the list of disallowed projects. Colaboratory, or Colab for short, originated from an internal Google Research project in … Read more

Austria wants to fight against deepfakes as this technology is increasingly used

Austria wants to fight against deepfakes as this technology is

The Austrian government published on Wednesday (25 May) an action plan to combat “deep fakes”, with the aim of better combating misinformation and hate speech. Several pieces of legislation also aim to tackle this growing problem at European level. The rise of digital, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, is leading to a rapid … Read more

Deepfakes: between technological innovation and a major security risk

The technology leading to deepfakes (contraction between “Deep Learning” and “Fake”) was created in 2014 by researcher Ian Goodfellow. Named GAN (Generative Adverarial Networks), it is designed on the basis of two algorithms, one seeking to reproduce and counterfeit videos and the other seeking to detect fakes. Thanks to this ingenious system, the two algorithms … Read more

Deepfakes: Artificial intelligence at the service of human stupidity | The Tunisian Press

In addition to the fake news that infects the Web, there are cleverly crafted deepfakes. At the publication level, the perfect timing is taken into account for maximum visibility. Politicians most often finance the production of fake news and deepfakes. A business where disinformation exceeds the limits of decency and morality and which could, in … Read more

Preventing deepfakes must be a top priority for law enforcement, says Europol

The Europol Innovation Lab – an entity responsible for identifying, promoting and developing innovative solutions to support the operational work of Member States – has devoted a report to deepfakes, these ultra-realistic video tricks that are therefore difficult to detect. Anyone’s face and voice can be imitated sometimes almost perfectly from a limited sample thanks … Read more

5 deepfakes that have marked history – Geeko

5 deepfakes that have marked history Geeko

The deepfake, from the cinema to the general public. In recent years, Hollywood has famously transposed real or fictional faces onto other actors. For example, when Peter Cushing resurrects in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But, for some time now, accessible software tools such as FakeApp and DeepFaceLab have made deepfake technology available … Read more