How to detect and prevent bots on your website?

Bots are used as a way for humans to automate often repetitive and time-consuming tasks. While bots can be used without causing harm, they can also be accused of undermining a company’s analytics and security. Companies should therefore be vigilant and ready to mitigate any bot-related risk. Here’s how. Understanding the bot problem The first … Read more

Fire: an AI supports firefighters to detect fire starts

Fire an AI supports firefighters to detect fire starts

What if artificial intelligence could alert the emergency services as soon as it detects the start of a fire? This is the project currently being carried out by the company XXII and the firefighters of the Meuse, who are already preparing the future of the alert given to firefighters. A technology that should be deployed … Read more

COVID-19: new evidence of the usefulness of connected bracelets to detect infection before symptoms

“Health” trackers are connected bracelets used for many reasons, first of all to know your heart rate, your muscle and fat mass, your skin temperature or even your stress level and the number of steps taken per day. What to know everything or almost of his state of health since from now on, a study … Read more

Deepware: how to analyze and detect deepfake videos

Deepware how to analyze and detect deepfake videos

You wish know if a video is faked ? If it is a deepfake? Discover Deepwarean online tool that allows you to analyze and detect deepfake videos. To learn more about this tool and how it works, I invite you to continue reading this article. What is Deepfake? Deepfake is an artificial intelligence-based technology that … Read more

After the Champions League fiasco, France wants artificial intelligence to detect crowd movements

the essential Artificial intelligence to avoid incidents during major sporting events? This is what Michel Cadot, interministerial delegate for major sporting events and the Olympics, wants. The interministerial delegate for major sporting events and the Olympics, Michel Cadot, pleaded Thursday in the Senate for the adoption of a system for detecting crowd movements, also ensuring … Read more

Oregon: Child Protective Services to stop using trained algorithm to detect child abuse

At the Dijon University Hospital, researchers are currently testing an algorithm to detect child abuse, by identifying pathologies and lesions during hospitalizations of very young children. In the USA, in many states, screening tools are already used by child protection services but prove to be pernicious: trained with data such as mental health, drug addiction, … Read more

Eyes’R allows cameras to detect the risk of work accidents

Putting artificial intelligence at the service of risk prevention in the workplace. That’s what it’s trying to do Eyes’R, which designs digital solutions aimed at making camera systems capable of detecting accident-prone situations. The startup, which was created in 2018 and whose head office is located in Montargis (Loiret), claims to have for “aim to … Read more

A doctor in my smartphone: an app to detect skin problems

Our smartphones are increasingly being transformed into medical assistants. Google, for example, has developed an application capable of playing dermatologist and identifying nearly 300 skin problems from a single photo. The increasingly powerful cameras of our smartphones, combined with artificial intelligence, will turn into medical assistants. A good example is for skin problems. We all … Read more

Burnout: artificial intelligence to detect it

Burnout artificial intelligence to detect it

News Published on 06/01/2022 at 11:47 a.m., Reading 2 mins. A new method based on artificial intelligence and text analysis would make it possible to diagnose burnout more effectively. Could artificial intelligence allow us to facilitate the diagnosis of burnout? While many tools and tests exist on the Internet to try to answer this question, … Read more