In Montpellier, a start-up is developing a test to diagnose bipolarity

In Montpellier a start up is developing a test to diagnose

A blood test that can change a life. At Grabels, north of Montpellier (Herault)the biopharmaceutical company Alcediag, a subsidiary of the French group Alcen, is developing a blood test to diagnose bipolarity. Dinah Weissmann, co-founder of the company, welcomes us to the Cap Gamma building of the Biopôle Euromédecine. Thirty young researchers and engineers of … Read more

Researchers are developing an AI system that can learn the rules of human language

Researchers are developing an AI system that can learn the

A team of researchers from Cornell University, MIT and McGill University have developed an AI system that can learn the rules and patterns of human languages ​​on its own. The study “Synthesizing theories of human language with Bayesian program induction” was published in NatureCommunications. The researchers were interested in discovering AI-driven theories, they chose human … Read more

Researchers are developing a smart material, capable of adapting its physical properties according to the situation

Researchers are developing a smart material capable of adapting its

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Imagine an aircraft whose wings transform autonomously during flight to limit turbulence and ensure optimal efficiency. If the concept is science fiction for the moment, research by a team from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, … Read more

Why digital coaching is the key to retaining and developing your teams

Meta confirms the launch date of its next virtual reality

Workplaces are going digital and this trend has particularly accelerated with the pandemic, forcing the coaching offer to adapt in the face of very strong business demand. Other more recent phenomena, such as the great resignation or quiet quitting, are pushing organizations to put the professional development of their employees at the heart of their … Read more

Developing your factory with technology: what are the advantages?

Developing your factory with technology what are the advantages

Strong competitive pressure, Consumption habits in perpetual change, ever shorter deadlines… faced with this situation, the industrial sector has no choice but to develop its production methods in favor of the tools of technology. Indeed, technical and technological innovations, in particular those brought by the digital boomare beneficial to all industries (automotive, aeronautics, agri-food, pharmaceutical, … Read more

Developing climate expertise using dynamic meteorological data

Developing climate expertise using dynamic meteorological data

The latest report published by the insurer Swiss Re, indicates that in the first half of 2022, losses linked to natural disasters in the world amounted to around 69 billion euros. With thousands of hectares engulfed in flames in the south of France and in many parts of the world due to drought, to say … Read more

Instagram is developing a nudity filter for private messages

1663863593 Instagram is developing a nudity filter for private messages

Instagram is testing a new way to filter nudity posts sent via private messages, confirming development reports published by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi earlier this week. The images said Instagram was working on technology to mask photos that may contain nudity, but said the company would not be able to access the photos themselves. #Instagram … Read more

Russia is developing an AI to monitor ‘homosexuality propaganda’ on the web

Russia is developing an AI to monitor homosexuality propaganda on

The Russian web control organization calls on a company to create a network capable of monitoring the activity of citizens on the web. In fact, this system will not be effective at all. Vladimir Putin wants to monitor his population on the web. Roskomnadzor, a Russian organization that notably monitors the internet, has found a … Read more

Why developing conscious leadership is essential to shaping the future – Forbes France

Towards a GDPR future in the United States

Consciousness is what makes us human beings. It allows us to understand the more rigid aspects of linear thinking and to free ourselves from them. It gives us the intuition to navigate evolutionary possibilities and move away from dualities that cause pain, isolation and destruction. The first measure of awareness in leadership concerns the degree … Read more

Turgis & Gaillard Groupe, developing innovative aeronautical systems

Turgis Gaillard Groupe developing innovative aeronautical systems

Founded to provide simple solutions to complex problems, Turgis & Gaillard Groupe provides its customers with the technologies in aeronautics defence/land defence, maintenance and industrial equipment that they need to fulfill their missions in all environments and in all theaters of operation. operations. Turgis & Gaillard Group has built a high-performance industrial tool that it … Read more