OutSystems Expands High-Performance Low-Code Platform with New Cloud-Native Development Solution – Press Releases

The following text is taken from a press release and in no way reflects the opinion of the editorial staff. Brussels – November 28, 2022– OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, announced its new cloud-native development solution OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) at its NextStep 2022 software innovation conference. ODC (formerly called “Project Neo”) … Read more

Belgium adopts a national plan for the development of artificial intelligence

Belgium adopts a national plan for the development of artificial

Like many other countries, Belgium intends to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by AI. In order to become a European leader, it has acquired the ” National Convergence Plan for the Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) »which was approved at the Council of Ministers on October 28 and proposes concrete actions to make … Read more

Sustainable development: ZTE joins the “Catalysing electrification” agreement

Sustainable development ZTE joins the Catalysing electrification agreement

With rich experience in the field of communications energy, ZTE has provided energy products and services to 386 operators in more than 160 countries and regions. The Electrification Catalysis Agreement, developed by the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) has been adopted by ZTE Corporation. The objective of the global telecommunications player is to co-create innovative … Read more

Focus on the exploratory report on the development of metaverses

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, and Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications received, on October 24, the exploratory report on the development of metaverses. This calls for the definition of a real French and European metaverse policy, presents a series of proposals hoping to bring together experts, private … Read more

Nantes 2022 Sustainable Development Meetings: date, times, program, prices

Nantes 2022 Sustainable Development Meetings date times program prices

© Sustainable Development Meetings Take part in the Sustainable Development Meetings entitled “Let’s take France to 2030”. Join the biggest democratic meeting about the transition, open to all and free. After a launch at the National Assembly, a stage in Metz and Bordeaux, this third regional stage entitled “Digitalize & Transit” will take place on … Read more

5 online courses to improve your skills in web development


Web and mobile web developer with Ziggurat Digital This training aims to prepare for the professional title of web and mobile web developer. The program provides an introduction to PHP and JavaScript languages, but also aims to understand WordPress and PrestaShop CMS for developers. A module reserved for mobile development with React Native or Ionic … Read more

Heart valve and obesity, avenues for development of intelligent robots from Caranx Medical

Heart valve and obesity avenues for development of intelligent robots

What will be the next medical revolution? Intelligent and autonomous surgical robotics, of course. This is at least the conviction of the three founding directors of Caranx Medical. “Medical is following the path taken 25 years ago by aeronautics where fully automated technology has revolutionized pilot practice. This is what we seek to do with … Read more

Digital at the service of sustainable development: where do French companies stand?

Meta confirms the launch date of its next virtual reality

Pending the publication of its implementing decree, companies must take the full measure of what is at stake. Indeed, according to the report of the fact-finding mission on the digital environmental footprintif nothing is done, digital technology will represent 7% of France’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, compared to 2% today. The unthought of responsible … Read more

a new computational model of brain development

a new computational model of brain development

A study published on September 19 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences presents a novel neuroinformatics model of the human brain that may provide insights into how the brain develops complex cognitive abilities and advance the research (Scientific research designates in the first place all the actions undertaken with a view … Read more