Discovering the new exhibition of the sustainable future in Israel

Discovering the new exhibition of the sustainable future in Israel

The queue to access the very first Israeli climate technology fair in Tel Aviv was long but full of good humor and German, Portuguese and Hebrew were heard. “The fact that many here are wearing jeans and t-shirts is a sign that they come from the tech industry and are coming to do business,” one … Read more

An AI learns physics concepts like an infant discovering the world

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A new study is inspired by the theory of developmental psychology to teach an artificial intelligence some fundamentals of physics. Shared in the journal Nature, the study was conducted by a team of researchers from the company DeepMind. They created a program capable of learning simple physical rules about the behavior of objects. Learn “common … Read more

An artificial intelligence capable of discovering physical laws hidden in various data – Mathematics News

Researchers from Kobe University and Osaka University have successfully developed an artificial intelligence technology capable of extracting hidden equations of motion from regular observation data and creating a model faithful to laws of physics. This technology could allow us to discover the hidden equations of motion behind phenomena whose laws were considered inexplicable. For example, … Read more