Why Artificial Intelligence Hasn’t Replaced Doctors Yet

11:54 a.m., June 29, 2022 “We should stop training radiologists now. It is quite obvious that in five years, ‘deep learning’ will do better than radiologists. » Delivered in 2016 by computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, co-recipient of the prestigious 2018 Turing Prize for his work on neural networks, the award strongly marked the collective imagination. … Read more

At the Toulouse University Hospital, voice recognition approved by doctors

At the Toulouse University Hospital voice recognition approved by doctors

DSIH, FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2022 The Toulouse Hospital Center tested Dragon Medical One, Nuance’s cloud-based voice recognition solution, with a panel of around 100 doctors. Conclusive result as reported by Nicolas Delaporte, director of the information system and organization of the Toulouse University Hospital, on Wednesday May 18 during Santexpo. How can doctors be helped … Read more

How health platforms support patients (and relieve doctors!)

How health platforms support patients and relieve doctors scaled

“I sleep badly”, “I have no morale”, “I don’t know how to lose weight”… In consultation, doctors, in particular general practitioners, often hear these formulas, as the privileged interlocutor of patients. Except that here it is: in 18 minutes (average time of a consultation with the general practitioner, according to a recent study by the … Read more