opinion | Empty road transport, the other ecological disaster

opinion Empty road transport the other ecological disaster

Posted Nov 18, 2022, 2:03 PM While the “ghost flights” that roam the skies have recently been rightly the subject of an environmental scandal and economical, another type of highly problematic empty transport is also showing up on our roads every day, further from the spotlight. You are driving on the highway. Every two kilometers … Read more

Ecological Crises: How Social Media Could Save Lives – Tell Them!

Ecological Crises How Social Media Could Save Lives Tell

In the event of a flood, we no longer call the fire brigade, we send a tweet! Social networks are, of course, the place of emotion, the most intense propaganda and the most malignant fake news, but also that of crucial instantaneous information. CNRS researchers in Toulouse and Paris have developed unique software in France … Read more

Action Logement relies on the CSTB for the ecological transition of its housing stock

Action Logement relies on the CSTB for the ecological transition

© radoma – Fotolia In order to support the ecological and energy transition of the housing sector, the Action Logement group, with its subsidiaries Action Logement Immobilier, Action Logement Services and Foncière Logement, has signed an applied research agreement with the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB ). Signed during the HLM congress, this … Read more

Ecological engineering: Biotope joins forces with a Briton and a German to create a European strike force

Mon Chasseur Immo raises 10 million euros to accelerate

Biotope, a specialist in environmental and ecological engineering based in Hérault (Mèze), has been working on a global scale for many years. It has 16 locations in mainland France, four overseas, three French subsidiaries* and seven international subsidiaries, and employs 350 people (and 175 in its subsidiaries). Biotope supports public and private players in the … Read more

Local authorities invited to launch AI demonstrators on ecological transition

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

Published on September 9, 2022by Lucas Boncourt for Localtis Environment, Digital In this period of research for energy savings, here is a call for projects that is well timed. Launched in July 2022, it aims to put artificial intelligence at the service of energy and ecological transitions. The territories are invited to provide testing grounds. … Read more

For Ekimetrics, the ecological transition will go through AI

For Ekimetrics the ecological transition will go through AI

Ekimetrics is working on a first concept of sectoral artificial intelligence. The premise: a company cannot negotiate the ecological shift of its business model on its own. Founded in 2006, Ekimetrics is one of the French flagships of data science. With more than 320 data scientists, this company based in Paris, London, New York and … Read more

Ecological transition: the 6 technological trends – Tech Talks

Ecological transition the 6 technological trends Tech Talks

What are the major technological trends to initiate or continue the ecological and digital transition? Numeum explores 6 “must haves” as so many major levers of transformation. artificial intelligence According to Gilles Babinet, Co-president of the National Digital Council, artificial intelligence is intended to develop as a corollary to the ecological transition. “Green digital” enables … Read more

Bringing digital intelligence closer together to reduce our ecological footprint

1649211516 Bringing digital intelligence closer together to reduce our ecological footprint

Professor Réjean Fontaine will lead the project “ Distributed digital intelligence network: development of disruptive and low-cost microsystems for edge data processing “.Photo: UdeS – Michel Caron What if object or facial recognition on your phone was done directly in your device instead of going for a walk in the cloud, would you see a … Read more