E-commerce, une révolution accélérée par la crise Covid

E commerce une revolution acceleree par la crise Covid

Comment la pandémie de Covid-19 a-t-elle bouleversé l’e-commerce, à la fois du côté des consommateurs et du côté des entreprises du secteur ? Le commerce en ligne se développe de façon structurée et régulière depuis vingt ans, et la crise sanitaire a accéléré le mouvement. Il y a eu une rupture. Les confinements successifs ont conduit … Read more

Big Data and Machine Learning: how to achieve real hyper-personalization in e-commerce?

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

“Profiling” matches the user of a site to a typical profile in terms of behaviors such as “the user who comes to buy a single item”, or “the one who is exclusively interested in the world of sneakers “. Where “classic” profiling relies on user profiles or segments defined by marketing or business teams, … Read more

Illumo Robotics pilots a robot to reduce pain in e-commerce

Illumo Robotics pilots a robot to reduce pain in e commerce

In Amazon’s warehouses, employees pack about four online orders per minute. If they stop a few seconds outside the scheduled breaks, this penalizes their performance indicators. A frantic pace that puts them at a high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. In fact, a study conducted in 2019 in an Amazon warehouse in New York revealed … Read more

Top 10 des tendances e-commerce de 2022

Top 10 des tendances e commerce de 2022

Les mesures drastiques de la pandémie de Covid 19 ont boosté l’attrait des entrepreneurs vis-à-vis des différentes opportunités qu’offre le web, dont l’e-commerce. Mais face à l’évolution constante des préférences de leurs consommateurs, les commerçants qui osent envahir le net sont obligés d’ajuster fréquemment leurs stratégies marketing pour ne pas sombrer. Dans le but d’éclairer … Read more

The benefits of AI in e-commerce. – Latest News

The benefits of AI in e commerce Latest News

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in improving customer experience and innovative solutions in the e-commerce industry. Personalized shopping experiences, virtual assistants, product recommendations, chatbots, and voice search are among the most unique uses of AI in e-commerce. The benefits don’t stop there. The benefits of having insights from collecting customer data and then … Read more

DRINKS Collaborates with Shopify to Foster the Next Era of E-Commerce for Wineries

DRINKS Collaborates with Shopify to Foster the Next Era of

Online alcohol industry leader DRINKS has announced a collaboration with Shopifywhich is a very popular e-commerce solution. This partnership aims to introduce a regulatory solution that enables wineries and retailers in the United States to achieve for the first time tax and real-time compliance completely assimilated into the payment experience of Shopify. A tax and … Read more

“E-commerce is the key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential”

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

Digitization offers new business opportunities and creates the potential to build resilience in times of crisis. The digital transformation of customs and borders in Africa could improve process efficiency and generate trade gains on the continent of $20 billion per year. With e-commerce, pre-existing infrastructure bottlenecks can be resolved, efficiencies can be leveraged, and innovative … Read more

Dukaan, the platform to launch your e-commerce without the need to code

Dukaan the platform to launch your e commerce without the need

Although e-commerce is an area accessible to everyone, creating an online store is not an easy task. This requires time, means and method. Fortunately, there are tools to simplify the design process, such as Dukaan. It gives the possibility of developing quality websites to sell its products, without knowing how to code. An intuitive platform … Read more

AI, a digitalized future for retailers’ e-commerce platforms

Artificial intelligence is evolving more and more in different fields of application from one to another. From Microsoft to Google, via Facebook or Apple, all major companies regardless of the sector are now trying to solve the problem of artificial intelligence, trying to apply it to certain specific areas. For retailers, artificial intelligence is a … Read more

Study 2022 to 2025: digital marketing trends in e-commerce!

Study 2022 to 2025 digital marketing trends in e commerce

Designing a digital marketing or e-commerce strategy involves keeping an eye on the latest digital innovations, new technological solutions and changing consumer behavior. This step provides key information to build your future action plan and effective advertising experiences that will help your business evolve. In the same category With Bolk, robotic canteens arrive in companies … Read more