Renewable production forecasts “are essential for the balance of the electricity network” – Le Monde de l’Energie

Renewable production forecasts are essential for the balance of the

Le Monde de l’Énergie opens its columns to Morgane Barthod, founder of meteo*swift, a start-up dedicated to forecasting solar production and wind turbinerecently acquired by Trailstone, to discuss with her this crucial issue of energy transition. The World of Energy —On what mechanisms are the production forecasting techniques of intermittent renewable energies currently based? What … Read more

Using electricity to find materials that can “learn” Artificial intelligence and robotics news

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

Scientists used the advanced photon source to observe behavior mimicking non-living material associated with learning, paving the way for better artificial intelligence. Scientists seeking to create a new generation of supercomputers seek inspiration from the most complex and power-efficient computer ever built: the human brain. In some of their early forays into building brain-inspired computers, … Read more

Students and electricity contract, which offer to choose? » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

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Being a student is often the big departure from the family cocoon. After finding the ideal accommodation, it’s time to start this new life alone! Between classes, friends and hobbies, you have to take the time to immerse yourself in administrative tasks as well. An imperative that can quickly turn the dream into a nightmare. … Read more

The crisis in Ukraine puts European electricity production under very high tension – Le Monde de l’Energie

Tribune by Nicolas Cambolin, Global Director Data Intelligence at Talan The availability and affordable cost of electricity production are determining factors for the European Union to keep its commitments to carbon neutrality in 2050. The war in Ukraine upsets the balances and trajectories initially imagined, obliging all actors, from producers to consumers to rethink their … Read more