Tethered balloon, autonomous beacons: firefighters unveil their new equipment for the forest fire season

Marine firefighters and the city of Marseille have worked with local companies to create innovative equipment, which should make it possible to intervene more quickly on fires, but above all to prevent forest fires. Captive balloon, autonomous beacons, new fire hoses… The Marseille firefighters presented this Wednesday the new equipment which must be used for … Read more

Ottawa announces $4.9 billion to upgrade NORAD equipment

It’s our most significant upgrade in nearly four decadesargued the Minister during a press conference given with the Chief of Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Wayne Eyre, at the air base in Trenton, Ontario. The sum announced Monday is in addition to the additional $8.5 billion that was allocated to Defense in the … Read more

Automated equipment sales increase | Homeland

1650500059 Automated equipment sales increase Homeland

Poultry equipment that automates certain tasks or simplifies them is in high demand this year, note several representatives of poultry equipment companies. “Our sales are exceptional,” comments Daniel Laboissonnière, agronomist consultant for the Vencomatic Group. For example, he reports that a recently released palletizer that automates tasks such as lifting and stacking eggs onto pallets … Read more

This Israel: Ception unveils new AI-based system to improve heavy equipment safety, productivity and profitability.

This Israel Ception unveils new AI based system to improve heavy

The start-up Acceptance was founded in 2019 by CEO Tal Israel and CTO Yossi Buda, who have worked for nearly 15 years developing advanced driving systems and autonomous vehicle solutions at Israel Aerospace Industries and General Motors. To date, the company has received $7 million in funding, including seed funding from MoreVC and a grant … Read more