Doped with artificial intelligence, nothing escapes video surveillance cameras

Doped with artificial intelligence nothing escapes video surveillance cameras

Sitting behind the video wall of the Pisciac urban supervision center (CSU), they see everything. Since the creation of the equipment by the City in 2015, there are seven video-operators to carefully scrutinize, 365 days a year, the images captured by the hundred cameras installed throughout the city. A tedious job that requires constant vigilance … Read more

From Twitter to DMA, nothing escapes the 16 PEReN experts

Bob Metcalfe Creator of Ethernet Web3 Will Have All Kinds

At first glance, this “task force” brings together everything that administrations are sorely lacking: experts in data and AI. the PERENthis pole dedicated to digital regulation created in 2020 therefore, it seems, was not idle last year: its 16 agents completed no less than 25 projects in 12 months, according to the activity report of … Read more