the European Parliament’s roadmap

The European Parliament adopted, on May 3, the resolution on “Artificial Intelligence in the digital age”. A 66-page long text, fruit of the work of the special commission on artificial intelligence. From now on, the legislative network should be based on the recommendations and guidelines announced by this new text. The newly adopted text sees … Read more

How can European automakers take the lead in the electric revolution?

TRIBUNE – The challenge of decarbonizing vehicles is in many ways a colossal challenge for manufacturers. A subject on which looks Ruchir Budhwar, vice-president Europe of Infosys, the consulting company in IT. At the COP26 summit, nations pledged to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate change. With this in mind, major … Read more

The Senate wants to create a European controller of the reliability of facial recognition algorithms

Senators Marc-Philippe Daubresse (Union for a Popular Movement), Arnaud de Belenet (Centrist Union) and Jérôme Durain (Socialist, Ecologist and Republican Group) presented on May 11 the results of a report on the use of biometric recognition in public space. The spectrum of mass surveillance “It is essential to build a collective response to the use … Read more

Child pornography: the proposed European law provokes an outcry

Last Wednesday, the European Commission published a bill for a better fight against child pornography and the sexual abuse of minors. This new text wants to force service providers – and in particular social networks and messaging – to integrate new mechanisms for detecting illegal content. In principle, this detection would be targeted and would … Read more

The crisis in Ukraine puts European electricity production under very high tension – Le Monde de l’Energie

Tribune by Nicolas Cambolin, Global Director Data Intelligence at Talan The availability and affordable cost of electricity production are determining factors for the European Union to keep its commitments to carbon neutrality in 2050. The war in Ukraine upsets the balances and trajectories initially imagined, obliging all actors, from producers to consumers to rethink their … Read more

For or against: should we worry about the creation of a European health data space?

5G why Europes delay is worrying.svg

NO / “It is imperative to succeed in the “prevention revolution” Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve, co-founder and managing director of Alan The health crisis has demonstrated the importance of reliable, accessible, homogeneous health data: management of the acute phase of the epidemic (how many patients screened or hospitalized?), development and administration of vaccines, up to monitoring of … Read more

A proposal scrutinized by the expert: Emmanuel Macron wants the development of a European metaverse – Forbes France

In his program, Emmanuel Macron, provides “an investment to build European metaverses and offer experiences in virtual reality”. By Pascal de Lima, economist The concept of metaverse is important for understanding economic and digital transformation. When you play sports in a club, when you go shopping, when you meet, when you go to a museum, … Read more

On the agenda: Ukraine, AI and toxic chemicals in waste | News | European Parliament

Also on the agenda: artificial intelligence, new rules for the European elections and harmful chemicals. War in Ukraine The Parliament will organize a series of debates around the war in Ukraine and its impact. According to’UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), 90% of people who have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion are women … Read more

The European Parliament adopts the recommendations of its special committee on artificial intelligence

This Tuesday, May 3, the European Parliament adopted the final recommendations of its special committee on artificial intelligence in the digital age (AIDA). MEPs thus highlighted that the use of artificial intelligence has enormous advantages in dealing with the issues of climate change, pandemics and the labor market. They also warned of the risks posed … Read more

[Avis d’expert] Is Intel’s project in Europe compliant with the European Chips Act?

Avis dexpert Is Intels project in Europe compliant with the

Pat Gelsinger, CEO ofIntel, indicated to be ready to invest in Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Poland a total of 33 billion euros which could go to 80 billion over 10 years. What has been proposed by Intel? On the chip manufacturing side The Magdeburg plant (17 billion euros) envisaged in Germany, “will produce … Read more