Brussels wants to facilitate compensation for damage caused by artificial intelligence

Brussels wants to facilitate compensation for damage caused by artificial

The European Commission presented on September 28 a proposal for a directive on artificial intelligence liability. The objective is to “give people tools of recourse in the event of damage caused by AI, so that they benefit from the same level of protection as that offered for traditional technologies“, explained Vera Jourová, vice-president in charge … Read more

Pixelmator Pro 3.0 Muse: update to facilitate the creation of visuals with templates and mockups

Pixelmator Pro 30 Muse update to facilitate the creation of

Pixelmator Pro just went through version 3.0 (code name Muse). The image editor on Mac offers many new features, including the addition of more than 200 templates for your creations, customizable mockupsa tool for smart replacement AI based and some other improvements. 200 Templates to facilitate creation In order to facilitate the start of a … Read more

Artificial intelligence would facilitate the detection of breast cancers | Engineering Techniques

We finally know who was responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077

Breast cancer is most frequently observed in women in France, as in the European Union. As with other cancers, early detection is decisive for the patient’s survival. AI-assisted radiologists spot it more successfully than when working alone, according to new research. With 33% of female cancers, breast cancer is the most common in women. It … Read more

Launch of the National Digital Identity project to “facilitate the capacity of State information systems”

As part of the implementation of the Digital Senegal 2025 Strategy, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Telecommunications (MENT), in partnership with the UNDP, officially launched this Friday, June 24 the National Digital Identity project ( INN). This, after several works of exchanges and sharing, under the effective presence of Achime Malick Ndiaye, Director of … Read more

An all-in-one application to facilitate the work of dealers – Autoplus

Fastback is a management tool for dealerships. They can access it from a smartphone, PC or tablet. In Belgium, Fastback occupies the leading position with a network coverage of more than 80%. The software publisher, which works without intermediary or commission, works in particular with Toyota Belgium and Toyota Europe. Building on its success, Fastback … Read more

Digital identity: the French State is creating a service to facilitate identification (SGIN). -VITA Alliance

Digital identity the French State is creating a service to

The words ” Numeric identity cover several realities. There is what the person declares himself, it is the identity declarative which can be a name or nickname used on digital applications. There is what others can perceive and infer from the person’s digital interactions. We are talking about identity calculatedfor example via algorithms, and identity … Read more