How Health Insurance wants to speed up the fight against fraud

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Show that the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) is fully mobilized against fraud: this is the clear message sent by its director general, Thomas Fatôme, during a press conference, Friday, September 30. For the senior civil servant, former deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, there is no question of letting it be … Read more

From AI and cyber-investigators to social security to fight against fraud

From AI and cyber investigators to social security to fight against

Whether they are insured, health professionals or criminals in an organized gang, fraudsters are more than ever in the sights of Health Insurance. And to counter them faster and stronger, the organization will use major means, “a little ‘Minority report’“, jokes Marc Scholler, Deputy Director of Audit and Finance at Cnam, referring to the American … Read more

Unesco intends to fight against the cultural impoverishment that the web is accelerating

Unesco intends to fight against the cultural impoverishment that the

The World Culture Summit in Mexico is committed to protecting and promoting artists’ rights and cultural diversity against the steamroller of search engines and streaming platforms. Promoting cultural diversity on Netflix, Spotify or YouTube, and fighting against the trafficking of Mayan or Yoruba heritage: these are two of the issues on the table of a … Read more

To fight against inflation, the French have equipped themselves with IoT solutions to reduce their energy consumption but neglect the security of these devices

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BlackBerry Limited publishes a new study on cyber risks from employees working from home in Europe and France. Budget-conscious French teleworkers prioritize price more than security when purchasing smart home devices: only a third of owners of such devices (37%) said security was one of three main purchasing criteria, compared to 50% who are more … Read more

Interview | FINOM and Resistant AI join forces to fight financial cybercrime in Europe

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Interview with Olivier Binet, CEO France at FINOMand Martin Rehak, CEO of Resistant AI. Olivier, Martin, can you tell us more about FINOM and Resistant AI? Olivier Binet : FINOM is a pan-European B2B fintech providing financial services to entrepreneurs and SMEs in France, Germany and Italy. FINOM has its own e-money establishment license, and … Read more

The Toulouse startup SGEvT intends to fight against unauthorized deposits, with satellites

Huawei Meets With DWTC GM To Discuss GITEX

The illegal landfills that flourish here and there have become over the years a major problem for communities. According to a study by Ademe*, illegal dumping is a concern for 90% of local elected officials. The subject is all the more a source of tension for the local authorities as it has a considerable and … Read more

Soul Hackers 2 review: Fight with demons

Soul Hackers 2 review Fight with demons

In the mid-21st century, society has come to a standstill, disenchanted with empty promises of progress where creeping disparity breeds mass discontent. It’s not a real-world commentary, although Atlus no doubt intends to. That’s the setup for Soul Hackers 2, an unexpected and, frankly, underutilized spin-off revising the long-dormant Devil Summoner series, but without the … Read more

Artificial intelligence to fight against the diagnostic wandering of rare diseases

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

Explore the interviews of researchers, photographers, travelers witnessing a world that is changing under the yoke of global warming. You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Interview: how was artificial intelligence born? Artificial intelligence aims to mimic the functioning of the human brain, or at least its logic when it comes to making decisions. Jean-Claude … Read more

Taxes: how the tax authorities use artificial intelligence to fight against fraud

The tax administration increases each year its use of artificial intelligence to fight against fraud and improve the efficiency of its services. In 2021, the share of checks targeted by AI was 45%, compared to 32.5% a year earlier. For the past few weeks, the teams of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP) have … Read more